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Why choose us?Why do students choose Buyessayfriend?

Plagiarism-free papers
Our writing service pays utmost attention to the originality of all papers. No plagiarism will pass our attention; be sure of that.
Only human writing
In the age of technology, we still value human creativity and attention to detail. While AI generates mediocre texts, we create essays tailored to your needs.
Prompt delivery
Do you have an assignment deadline in four hours? Don’t worry; we’ll deliver you a perfect essay in three hours.
Money Back Guarantee
We value our client’s opinion and ready to respond to any situation. That’s why we provide money-back guarantee.

Our WritersExperienced Writers

Only skilled writers are part of the BuyEssayFriend team. No AI is involved at all! Interested in knowing who will write your essay? Explore our writers' profiles below.


1. Place your order.

Fill out our quick form. Remember to add complete requirements.

2. Make a contact with your writer.

You can get acquainted with a chosen writer to see whether they’re suitable.

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Your deposit will be securely located in your profile until you approve the paper.

4. Use your essay for your needs.

After you receive the paper, use it for whatever academic needs you have.

Is it legal to use your essay writing service?

Today, there is no law that restricts the use of essay writing help. No country can forbid you that. Still, your educational institution can be cautious about writing services. That is why we always recommend every customer use our hard work as inspiration and guidance, not as a substitute for their skills or knowledge. This way, you can benefit from our cooperation. You will save your time, nerves, and sleep but still will get to educate yourself. If you have extra questions regarding the legality of our writing service, you can always contact our support team.

What qualifications do your essay writers hold?

All our essay writers are professionals. We have three categories of authors: basic, advanced and top. Each of these groups have their own experience and knowledge level.

  • Basic writers usually hold Bachelor’s degrees in popular specialties. They have from 3 to 5+ years of experience. They can work with complex tasks but need a little bit more time than advanced or top writers.
  • Advanced writers usually hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various specialties. They have from 5 to 8+ years of experience. They work fast and diligently, even on complex assignments.
  • Top writers usually hold Master’s and Ph.D. degrees both in popular and rare specialties. They have 8+ years of experience.

Most importantly, all our writers are native English speakers.

How do you guarantee the originality of the essay writing?

Our guarantee of originality starts from the hiring process. Before any writer joins our team, we warn them about possible repercussions if we catch them copying someone else work.

We also have a manager whose sole duty is to check each paper for originality. For that, we have professional software that some colleges and schools use. If our manager has dubious results, they always double-check to ensure that you will get the best possible paper.

In addition, you can order a plagiarism-check report as an extra to see originality for yourself.

Will my paper be written without Artificial Intelligence?

Even though this technology seems to be everywhere nowadays, we avoid it at all cost when it comes to paper writing. We value your trust in our skills and knowledge. That is why, we use AI detectors in all orders. Before sending any final paper, they go through double check by these tools.

In addition, our writers always cite and list all sources used. This way, we can manually check whether the work was done according to a given assignment. If you have doubts about AI-free content, you can always contact your support manager.

How quickly can you write my essay?

Our essay writers can finish your order in three hours. However, for such a short deadline, your order needs to have the following requirements:

  • Your paper should not be long. Remember that you are only giving us three hours. In this time period, your writer should research, write, proofread, edit, and check a paper. If an essay is too long, they won’t have time for all these stages.
  • Your paper should not have a challenging topic. Such topics usually require in-depth research, even if a chosen writer has enough knowledge.

We are all human beings. That is why even top writers need to double-check everything they write. Try to order in advance. This way, you will save your money and nerves.

Is it possible to make changes after I have received the paper?

Of course. You can request up to three revisions for your paper within two weeks after we finish your paper. Make your request as clear as possible so that our editors or writers will know what exactly do they need to change or improve.

We always try to deliver the best work ever possible. Still, we may make errors. In the end, we listen to your needs and always try to learn from our improvements and mistakes. So please contact us even if you have any concerns.

Will my personal information remain confidential?

Absolutely. We may use your data for legal reasons according to the existing data protection law. Such data can be a name, email, password and phone number. However, it does not mean that we will share your personal information with illegal authorities. We value your privacy and trust. In addition, we make sure that our website is protected from any hackers. For that, we have highly-proficient experts who know how to secure our website and all its data from the Internet fraudsters.

How much will I pay for essay writing at Buyessayfriend?

The price for your order will depend on certain factors:

  • Type of paper. Logically, a simple essay will cost less than a dissertation.
  • Academic level. We work with three academic levels: undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. The undergraduate level is not as complex as other levels, so it costs less.
  • Deadline. Urgent orders require writer’s full attention, which means they will have to postpone other tasks.
  • Writer’s category. The work of a basic writer will cost less than the work of a top writer.
  • Some of our extras are paid. Still, they will not cost a lump sum of money.

Overall, the price for a 1-page undergraduate essay with a 14-day deadline starts at $11, a bachelor's essay with the same requirements will cost $16, and a professional essay will cost $21.

Are there any refund guarantees?

Yes, of course. While we always try to grant you high-quality papers, we understand that there can be cases when you are not satisfied with the result. To avoid such situations, we advise you to add as much detail as you can in your order. Still, if the final paper does not satisfy you and you do not want revisions, contact our support manager. They will discuss with you a refund.

Can I communicate directly with my essay writer?

We made sure that you have the option to assess the writing process. That is why you can and should communicate with your essay writer. Moreover, you can share extra requirements that can appear suddenly from your teacher. This way, you will maximize your cooperation and surely will get a perfect paper before deadline.

Essay writing service that can help you finish your assignment on time.

Choose a writer who fits your 'write my essay' request.

Each student requests papers on different subjects and of different academic levels. This means that our custom essay writing service should hire writers with various academic backgrounds, knowledge, and experience. The situation would be quite strange if we hired only authors with Ph.D. degrees. That would mean that our services would be overpriced and unsuitable for undergraduate students because teachers would easily catch an overly correct academic style. That is why you have an option to choose between:

  • Basic writers. They possess Bachelor’s degrees and have 3 to 5+ years of experience in paper writing. They can work with popular and rare subjects.
  • Advanced writers. They possess Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and have 5 to 8+ years of experience in paper writing.
  • Top writers. They possess Master’s and Ph.D. degrees and have more than 8 years of experience in paper writing. These authors know how to work with challenging topics and harsh deadlines.

In addition, you can choose the same writer for your subsequent orders on our paper writing website. It suitable for cases when you want to keep the same style in all your essays.

Hiring a writer is not about buying an essay but about essay writing help.

You probably have doubts that buying an essay from someone on the internet will be the same as asking your friend to write an essay for you. But it should not be like that; it should be even better. Of course, you can always ask your peers or roommate for writing help. However, are you sure that a chosen person will be as diligent with your essay as you want them to be? This person may also have tasks to work on, life to enjoy, and classes to attend. So that will mean they may be less attentive to your task.

By contrast, we have a team who specifically works for you and you only. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to write on your topic. They have time for all your tiring tasks, even if you give us only three hours. We know how challenging studying can be. That is why our college essay writing service strives to support you until the day you graduate and provide you with the best experience. While you will relax and forget about at least some problems you have, we will research, draft, write, edit, proofread, and check your essay for originality and quality.

Cooperate with a skilled essay writing service for support.

There is no shame in asking true experts for essay help once in a while.. As we said before, you may have countless reasons to request writing assistance. Among these reasons can be homework overload, countless lectures, family meetings, illness, job, depression, and so forth. Yes, even depression can make you forget about your essay assignment.

Fortunately, at BuyEssayFriend we have years of experience in helping students. Among our best qualities are:

  • Proficiency. Our team knows how to work with academic sources, citation styles, and challenging requirements.
  • High quality. Before submitting any paper, we check it for originality, mistakes, academic style, and AI presence. If we see that a written paper has a bad report, we ensure that it will be eliminated.
  • Privacy. We require only a little information from you, and even that personal data is not shared with shady third parties.
  • Timely delivery. You do not have to worry about a set deadline because we try to deliver a paper even earlier a set date.
  • Strict hiring process. Each candidate goes through several examination stages before we hire them. For the first three months, we are dedicated to assessing how our employees are doing.

The best essay writing service can do any academic assignment you need.

While we work with writers with various degrees, this means we can offer a long list of papers and subjects you can order from us. Our paper writing service has created a form where you can choose:

  • Assignment type. You can ask for academic writing, only editing and drafting or calculations. Yes, even calculations!
  • Academic level. We have specialists for undergraduate, bachelor, and professional levels.
  • Type of academic paper. We included admission essays and CVs. These papers are short but still take a lot of time and nerves.

To see a full list of types of papers, open our order form and type in a necessary paper.

Even more, you can buy an essay that is not on the list. For that, you need to include a complete assignment with all possible details. It will help our author during all stages of paper writing. We also recommend you choose a 14-day deadline for such a task. This way, you will be sure that the chosen writer has done in-depth research on your order. If you have any questions regarding our order form, please get in touch with our customer support manager.

Could you write my essay online according to my instructions?

When you ask us to write essays, it is our duty to deliver exactly what you request in your order form. We avoid low quality at all costs. To evade any mishaps, we always ask you to include as many task details as you can. If you have an assignment with little description but it still influences your final grade, do not worry! You can contact our customer support manager, who will help you out with this situation. They will find you the most suitable writer with an appropriate degree that relates to your subject and topic. In addition, you can request the same author for your following orders if you think that their skills and knowledge are what you need to finish your writing assignments.

Creating a perfect paper for you is in our best interests because we understand that you can pay someone to write your essay. Still, such a decision does not mean you will get top-quality writing. So before making any sudden choices, try to communicate with us, your writer, and, if needed, request revisions.

Is there any writer who can write an essay for me in 3 hours?

Yes, we offer such an option. Before placing an order with a 3-hour deadline, make sure your ‘write my essay’ request follows the exact criteria:

  • You include all the relevant requirements for your essay. Since you need your paper urgently, our writer has no extra time to pay attention to the information that comes after you place your order.
  • You don’t need a long or challenging type of paper. If you order a 20-page research paper, 3 hours will not be enough. Research papers, dissertations, or similar paper types require thorough research and analysis that take more time. Even top writers will not manage that. So keep that in mind.

You still can communicate with your author during these 3 hours. This can help you ease your nerves because you will be sure that writing process goes smoothly.

In addition, you can request editing and calculations services. Our specialists do not need a lot of time for such types of assignments. If you are ready to pay for an urgent order, we are ready to do it for you.

If you have any questions regarding the 3-hour deadline, feel free to get in touch with us. We will ensure that you understand every aspect of our cooperation.

What should I do if I don't want to write my essay myself?

The answer to this question is quite easy: you just need to ask us to help you write an essay. Education can be tiring and demanding at times. That is why it is important to have a professional service that you can rely on. Why choose our essay help?

  • We offer security. When you register for your first order, we require only minimum of your personal information. We need it for processing transactions and contacting you when your paper is ready or for asking questions regarding your order.
  • We offer quality. Our essay writing service stablished practices that ensure that each written paper is original, error-free, deeply researched, and AI-free. Regardless of the complexity of your order, you will get exactly what you ordered.
  • We offer high-quality customer support. We want you to trust us with various writing tasks. That is why we make sure that you receive welcoming and professional services from our specialists at all times. You can contact us at any time of the day and get an exhaustive answer.
  • We offer reasonable prices. We understand that not all students have big budgets. That is why we formed our price list while keeping students in mind. Still, we want our professionals to get reasonable payments for their hard work.

What extras will I get if I order my essay writing from you?

On our writing website, you can get bonuses and extra services.

  • You can use discounts for a first-time order and subsequent orders with our bonus system. For each order, you will get a certain number of bonuses that you can later exchange for a discount.  The bigger your order, the bigger your discount can be. So, a request to write an essay can be not only helpful but also cheap.
  • We write title and reference pages free of charge. So you will pay only for the paper you need.
  • We also offer extra services that come at a minimum price. You can request VIP customer support, plagiarism report, preferred writer, abstract, list of used services, and table of contents.

VIP customer support means that your order will have our utmost attention. You will receive messages on your phone about the writing process. You can also work with the same author in your following orders if you find their knowledge, skill and style suitable for you. A plagiarism report can be requested when you want to be sure of originality.

To see price for each extra, visit our ‘Prices’ page. You can include extra services in your order or contact our support manager.

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