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Buy Essay Friend blog created to illuminate technical, educational, social, economic, and lifestyle subjects of students from all over the world and to inspire our clients for writing an essay. Our essay writers team discusses different issues like how to write an educational essay blog. We find the best and most burning topics for educational blogs, students find our blog as most popular and interesting and useful for learning and studying subjects. Thinking of an essay blog about holidays? – sure, you can find some topics for preparation for the holidays! You can find educational blogs for students free.

Writing Tips for Creating a Book for Students

Top Tips for Writing a Book Post for

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For many people, writing a book is a cherished dream or a compulsory goal. It is indeed an exciting, deep, and complex creative process that requires maximum concentration and immersion of the writer in their thoughts. But does it take a special gift to write a book, or is it a matter of technique and…

How to Write Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetoric is the study and practice of persuasive human communication. As an academic field, rhetoric explores the interpretive practice, as well as discourse. And discourse can be defined as the interchange of ideas between people, where thoughts are expressed in a formal and structured manner. Rhetoric is also often referred to as the art of…

Professional Secrets: How to Write an Exciting Post

Professional secrets: how to write an exciting post Students Smiling on Banner Image

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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Chances are, you’ve come across various books and guides on how to write the perfect post for your blog on more than one occasion. Typically, they describe patterns of action that will take your blog to the next level of popularity. Of course, after reading such a guide, you will gain some knowledge and for…

Write a Proper History Paper Structure. Students Writing Guide

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Given the unique guidelines of a history paper, it is essential to approach its writing seriously. The piece of writing should have a clear structure to provide your original argument based on historical evidence. Consequently, let’s take a look at the basic components of the history paper’s structure that will be beneficial to get the…

How to Write a Good Academic Essay

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The majority of universities, high schools, and colleges require academic essays from their students at different stages of education. It’s the most effective way of assessing knowledge on a particular topic and showcasing abilities to analyze & collect data. However, most modern students find writing an academic essay a complicated task. To change this situation,…

A Unique Template for Reading Any Primary Source

Steps to Understand a Primary Source BuyEssayFriend Banner

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Students of different branches need to analyze different primary sources. They can describe fictional or real events, be physical or digital, written or shaped. But all of them have meaningful content you need to analyze. The next algorithm will help you retrieve the main information from any document or item. Following it, you’ll get enough…

Сhecklist for Your Written Paper or Essay to Check

List to Check Your Paper Quality Banner for BuyEssayFriend

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Have you mentioned everything? Will the professor and critics like the result? Fortunately, academic papers have clear requirements on structure, logic, and quality of the information. Get through this checklist to edit your paper when it’s completed. In the Introduction The detailed, narrowed thesis It must reflect the main subject of your talk. It may…

Simple Guide on Academic Citations Your Footnotes and Endnotes

Image on Guide on Academic Citations

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References in your paper writing are as important as your point of view. When you touch a complex, ambiguous subject, researchers will want to see where you have gotten this information. Based on the individual analysis, they can trust or discard the essay and your following works. The best way to understand citing is to…

Editing and Proofreading Your Written Essay

Editing and Proofreading Your Essay

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A proofreader will look for misspellings, wrong/neglected punctuation, inconsistencies (textual and numerical), etc. Tip: to spot errors easily, examine your textual content aloud, and take breaks between essay writing, modifying, and proofreading. Don’t rely absolutely on spelling checkers. They are far from foolproof. Spell checkers have a restricted dictionary. Grammar checkers can be even extra complicated. These programs work with a constrained number of policies….

Writing Manual on Research Papers by Academic Experts

Writing a Manual on Research Papers

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Quick Guide on Research Paper Scroll the summary of the main academic study rules you need to know. No overwhelming details, just direct answers to direct questions. How to Formulate Thesis? Read textbooks, class notes, articles, and news on your specialization. Write down questions that have interested you. And then just go deep into each…

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