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Writing Your First Academic Essay with Ease

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First Academic Essay at A+

Academic paper writing will accompany every stage of your studies. Theoretical knowledge should come hand in hand with practice, but what is the right strategy when you are assigned to do your first essay? It doesn’t matter how skilled you’re at the beginning of your path. Some certain suggestions and requirements will help interested parties become only better.

Discover Your Topic

Undergraduates aren’t usually asked to write on topics that aren’t allocated. Even if your case is the opposite, don’t forget that knowledge is power. Your academic writing experience begins with research and seeking illustrative materials on the prescribed theme. This analysis will let you come up with your points of view to describe in an essay.

Background knowledge will be a must to create a worthy thesis statement. It is a sentence that closes the introductory part and is a pre-step before the body section.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes

A few drafts will be before you create an essay version that seems most satisfactory. Sketching your thoughts, prepare brainstorming charts/diagrams, as well as writing down a contextualized summary of your work. These steps can improve the quality of your academic paper for any education level.

Once you have a so-called skeleton of your essay, it is simpler to add sentences and edit the content. A well-structured piece has to become your priority.

Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

You should stick to your thesis statement and illustrate it throughout the text body. At the same time, staying concise and clear is a basic requirement. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Even if your first academic writing experience seems a daunting challenge, it doesn’t mean your sentences can consist of a few words with a couple of quotes. Check the assignment for the presence of a minimum and maximum word restriction.
  • Using straightforward language and avoiding gobbledygook will become the right strategy to deliver the original message to readers without ambiguous lines and unnecessary confusion.
  • Getting too technical isn’t the best idea. You can easily show off your personality with matching jokes or quotes.
  • Prioritize facts rather than storytelling values. An essay isn’t a fairy tale.

Respect Intellectual Property

Essays require mentioning other people’s thoughts, so it will be a great benefit for you to take care of the right citing methods in advance. There are two widespread formats to be aware of and learn thoroughly:


Whether you decide to ask third parties to review your essay or will reread it a few times, it’s forbidden to submit your creation right after the last dot is placed. Proofreading allows students to get rid of spelling, grammar, and other mistakes. Before starting this procedure, take your time — return to the text with so-called fresh eyes and mind.

Wrap It Up

If you’re attentive and diligent during brainstorming and finding the data for your essay, it won’t be a great problem to structure the received facts in the corresponding five-paragraph format. You’re always welcome to apply to your professors, teachers, and library staff to get supported and motivated.