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Examination Writing

Our category dedicated to improving examination writing skills and how to answer exam questions in university. In our blog we have methods and tips on reducing stress. Essay on stress and examination writing skills will help you on preparing for examination.

Tips for Students On How To Get Ready For Exam

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In brief, writing essay aims to elaborate on an idea or a statement of the task. So firstly, you should make certain that you get the main idea right. You may read the task several times and highlight keywords from essay exam questions. Take a little time to specify, whether that question treats one prompt…

Writing an Essay for the Exam: Advanced Placement

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Advanced Placement Essay. Ways to Get It Right When tasked with an especially vital assignment like an advanced placement essay, one should look at the challenges it presents. First of all, we are led to believe that this particular type of essay belongs to a group of essays that have nothing to do with the…

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