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BFGym has been successful in growing its customer base on the basis of their amiable atmosphere and friendly and talented staff. However, a chance encounter has revealed to the head of the BFGym to realize that several of their employees are planning to leave, and she needs to intervene, identify the problem, and control the consequences. The problem is based on the lack of motivation of their employees who feel the management has forced them into a corner with a grueling work schedule, mundane responsibilities, lack of consideration, and several other problems.

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Racism is the prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed to individuals of a different race based on the perception of the other person’s race is more superior. The concept of racism has been around for a long time and it takes a different dimension today as the media and social norms are also considered as one of the agents perpetrating racism.

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Violence Breeds Violence

Hate is a strong emotion and illustrates a person’s disgust towards another person, thing or phenomenon. While it is completely natural to hate something or someone, it is equally dangerous for a human being as it enroots negativity and weakens the capability of that person to accept the fate and he or she loses the sense of continuous struggle. It has been widely acknowledged that it is natural for people to hate but it is seldom discussed that the roots of hatred go all the way down to the personality of that individual that actually starts getting weaker to eventually give in to the external stimuli and hence become violent while treating others. Read More

Two Kinds by Amy Tan

The short story Two Kinds was written by Amy Tan the daughter of Chinese immigrants who was born in Oakland and raised in California. The short story setting is in China, and the narrative is part of the novel ‘The Joy Luck Club.’ In the story, the character June comes into conflict with her mother Suyuan after the later tries to make June a child prodigy. June is forced by her mother to take up piano lessons, but she performs poorly once she is supposed to conduct a recital. Subsequently, the conflict between the two continues for a long period. According to the story, Suyuan quizzes her daughter on math and geography topics with the hope of uncovering a hidden genius in her daughter. Moreover, Suyuan arranges for her daughter to take up piano Read More

Time Capsule Letter: Technology

If you are reading this in 2067, the odds are that technology has become much more advanced than it is now. Currently, technology is changing the way people live and work at a very fast rate. Technology, especially computer technology, is one of the greatest achievements in the history of our civilization, but it also presents our society with serious downsides, such as the lack of privacy, and a quickened pace of living, which adds stress.

Technology has helped humanity in so many ways. For example, medical science and technology has helped cure many infectious diseases which once plagued humanity – diseases such as Read More

The Control of Happiness

Happiness is something that most people strive to achieve. It is probably impossible to be supremely happy all of the time, but most people hope to be happy some, if not much, of the time. Whether or not a person can control their happiness is debatable. Firstly, in the case of people with clinical depression, happiness can be impossible to achieve. Furthermore, such people may be deeply offended by the insinuation that they could choose to come out of their depression if they so wanted. On the other hand, there is a large body of evidence to suggest that there are certain ways in which people can actively increase their happiness levels. For example, they can choose to spend time with people who make them feel happy, and embark on empowering, Read More

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