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Essay Sample about Effects of Lack of Sleep on Mental Health

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Failure to have adequate sleep has multiple impacts on mental health, such as loss of memory, confusion, reduced mental productivity, and lowers mental information processing effectiveness. During the sleeping hours, the brain gets enough time to rest from the daily activities.

As such, inadequate sleep does not give the brain nerves time to recover from the tensions sustained during the active hours (Bhargava, 2013). Moreover, the damaged brain tissues are repaired during quiet sleeping hours. Therefore, for people with difficulty sleeping the brain’s productivity reduce because the worn-out tissues do not get fixed, which causes deterioration of brain ability. Additionally, lack of sleep overworks the brain, which leads to loss of memory, confusion, and a slow rate of information processing.

Lack of sleep also has an impact on the emotional health of people. For instance, it lessens the ability to cope with stressful situations. As a result, the individuals who lack sleep easily feel irritated and can quickly get angered. The emotional change may result from the reduced ability to process information, which leads to an emotional reaction in a situation where mental reasoning is required to find solutions for problems. Generally, people who regularly have inadequate sleep do not have the emotional intelligence to control their feelings.

Emotional awareness can help people navigate various aspects of life, such as academic, social interactions, and professional performance. According to Houston (2020), students with emotional intelligence (EI) register higher performance than others despite the difference in IQ. Moreover, since emotional awareness enables people to identify, accept, and manage their feelings, it enhances a person’s ability to remain sober in social interaction with other people. As a result, EI better the social life of people. Additionally, EI increases the level of an individual’s concentration, which improves work performance.

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