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Buy Essay Friend blog created to illuminate technical, educational, social, economic, and lifestyle subjects of students from all over the world and to inspire our clients for writing an essay. Our essay writers team discusses different issues like how to write an educational essay blog. We find the best and most burning topics for educational blogs, students find our blog as most popular and interesting and useful for learning and studying subjects. Thinking of an essay blog about holidays? – sure, you can find some topics for preparation for the holidays! You can find educational blogs for students free.

3 Cool EdTech Apps for Students and Teachers

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Date published: | John BlackSmith

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3 Engaging EdTech Tools for Students and Teachers In our technologically developed world, integrating EdTech apps into the learning process is a must. Perhaps, you already use some of the modern tools that help enhance the academic performance of your students. If not, check out our suggestions of versatile and effective technological innovations that can…

3 Helpful EdTech Tools for Teachers and Students

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Date published: | Best Essay Friend Author

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3 EdTech Tools for Interactive Classroom Collaboration Fast technological development constantly changes the way we see the world. Nowadays, it influences almost every aspect of our lives. The educational sphere is not an exception. EdTech tools make the information more accessible and, as a result, the learning environment becomes more and more efficient0 and your…

Some Tips for Students for Making Better Decisions

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Date published: | John BlackSmith

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The Most Effective Ways to Avoid Bad Decisions Decision making is one of the most important activities in our everyday life. It is a process of making a choice from a number of alternatives to achieve the desired result. Everything seems to be so simple at first sight – you identify a problem, then you…

True History about the Thanksgiving Day

A word "thankful" written in caligraphy on wood with green fern leaves behind.

Date published: | John BlackSmith

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True Essay History on Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is a traditional family holiday that is associated with turkey and parades. It is a lovely time that people spend with family by eating delicious dishes and watching TV. This unusual and interesting holiday makes a lot of people curious about its origin. What events initiated the…

Pablo Picasso: Life of the Genius and Person

Pablo Picasso picture a man with a black hair and a nose in a blue clothes.

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Pablo Picasso Life Essay The personality and life of the famous artist arouse a lot of interest and curiosity even nowadays. Being an outstanding, creative and not average person, Picasso was in the constant search and development within the whole life. We often use the notion of a creative person nowadays, but perhaps it is…

How to avoid mistakes while writing your artist statement

Macbook with pencils and photos and a book on "mistakes and edias, advices and success" and a plant.

Date published: | John BlackSmith

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Writing Your Artist Statement, Information on How to Avoid Mistakes Do you feel no inspiration or enthusiasm when you hear about writing artist statement? It is quite understandable and fair. You are concentrated on what you do and don’t really feel any desire to try on the writer’s work. However, modern life demands and competition…

Improving Your Writing Skills

The laptop and a girl typing the text on the keyboard or searching something among the web.

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Improve Your Writing Skills with This Easy Steps It is incredible how much people can do if they write well. Especially if they write in English. Thus, it is important to develop such skills and be able to influence the minds, change the course of events or even bring something new to the world. Here…

Guide on Harvard Supplement Essay: Main Things to Know!

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Date published: | John BlackSmith

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5 Topics to Help You Rock Harvard Supplement Essay Have you noticed that Harvard essays do not have a certain word limit? So theoretically, you can submit a one-hundred-page dissertation as a supplement essay but actually you will be the first one to do that: in general, the essays are near 500-700 words which is…

Advice for students on how to write an artist statement

A girl in a pink sweater, wearing glasses is painting in a room.

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Essay on How to Write an Artist Statement What is an Artist Statement and why do you need it? Being a successful artist or just starting your path within this field, you definitely concentrate on your works. Having a great portfolio seems to be a key to your success. And that is the truth, but…

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