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3 Cool EdTech Apps for Students and Teachers

Date published: | John BlackSmith

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3 Engaging EdTech Tools for Students and Teachers

In our technologically developed world, integrating EdTech apps into the learning process is a must. Perhaps, you already use some of the modern tools that help enhance the academic performance of your students.

If not, check out our suggestions of versatile and effective technological innovations that can take the learning process in the classroom to a new level and make your essay writing easier.


NewseumEd is a learning destination loved by many educators around the world, especially those who teach History and Social Studies. The website has a unique collection of the primary sources and it gives you direct access to the museum’s collection of historical pages, artifacts, photographs etc.

There are lessons available, which are designed specifically around the particular content. If you liked a particular lesson, you may copy, download or print the handouts.

Mainly, the documents concern historical events, civics, media, and literacy. The website provides teachers with a number of classroom materials, such as, for example, student worksheets and documents. NewseumEd can work on the majority of the devices so it can be easily used in the classroom.

It is an amazing opportunity to be able to look at the original sources since we live in the age of information overload. Figuring out what is true and which statements are fake becomes challenging at times. Being able to access primary sources can help come out with credible conclusions.


Artificial Intelligence recognizes doodling, predicts the image that you see in your mind and recreates the picture on the screen. Working with this tool is a lot of fun. Think yourself of how many times you tried to express your vision on the paper or on the screen but you always ended up with some strange images. Clumsy pictures made of simple lines are in the past now since you can convey your thoughts easily with AutoDraw.

All you need to do is to visualize the image in your mind and try to sketch it in the tool window. The software will try to guess what you envision and you will be offered different images to choose from. You can change color, adjust the size and take advantage of other many useful features. It is easy to download the image you came up with and share the end result in social media. You can also resend your creation using its unique URL.

From the educational point of view, it is easier for many people to remember the information, which is presented in the form of images.

Also, this tool can be helpful for those students who have difficulties in expressing themselves. Some students shy away from drawing because they think that they do not have enough talent. With the help of AutoDraw, it will be easy for such students to present their unique vision without feeling frustrated with their drawing skills.


This tool will be helpful for those who understand the impact of effective visualization. The dynamic presentations that can be easily created with the help of Sway can really take a breath away.

With the help of Sway, it becomes easy to pull together powerful and meaningful ideas, format and present them in a creative way. In the process, you can tweak the project the way you like or you can allow Sway to do it all automatically.

This unique platform can help a teacher present his material in a comprehensive and innovative style. Obviously, the tool can also become a great aid for students who want to show their unique ideas by presenting their projects in a dynamic and unusual way.