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Improving Your Writing Skills

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Improve Your Writing Skills with This Easy Steps

It is incredible how much people can do if they write well. Especially if they write in English. Thus, it is important to develop such skills and be able to influence the minds, change the course of events or even bring something new to the world.

Here are eight tips that might improve your essay writing, won’t take too much time, and can be done on the daily basis.

Write To-Do-Lists and Calendar Items

This easy exercise will take you only a few minutes a day, but its advantages are numerous. Thus, it can:

  • Encourage you to think and write in English;
  • Keep you organized, as you will always know what you should buy and what appointments you have;
  • Become more punctual and self-disciplined, which is extremely important, as writing requires persistence.

Leave Comments

Do not be shy to express your thoughts and feel free to write everything you have in mind. The easiest way to do this is to comment posts on the Internet. It can be anything: YouTube videos, blog articles, Twitter or Facebook posts. Just find your cup of tea and don’t stay silent.

Find Some Inspiring Quotes

Any piece of writing, which contains quotes of famous people, looks more sophisticated and masterful. Thus, you should find some of them that inspire you, write them down, and learn by heart. Why should you do this? Later on, you will be able to use them in your own pieces of creative writing and it will get a special charm.

Write Postcards

It’s time to do a little practice and write a short creative paragraph. One of the possible variants for this exercise is postcard writing. You can use a special postcard crossing service to find the address of a person that wants to receive such a nice letter and write to him or her.

Send a Letter to Your Future Self

Let’s move from short postcards to a bit longer writing pieces. You can try to write a letter to your future self and imagine what you want to become in five, ten or twenty years. You can also dwell upon what writer you want to become.

Be Thankful

Another excellent way to improve your writing skills is to keep a diary. Too banal? Then, you can create a gratitude journal and write down all the good that happens to you. This exercise does not only practice your writing but also makes you happier, as you see how many good things happen around you.

Start Your Blog

Now you are ready to share your thoughts with the world, and blogging is an excellent way to do this. This is the limitless field for imagination and creativity. Just choose the topic, format, and start writing.

Get Corrections from Native Speaker

Find a service that unites native speakers of different languages and ask them to correct your blog post. Their corrections will help you to improve spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. What is more, they will make your posts sound more natural in English.