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Pablo Picasso: Life of the Genius and Person

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

Pablo Picasso picture a man with a black hair and a nose in a blue clothes.

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Pablo Picasso Life Essay

The personality and life of the famous artist arouse a lot of interest and curiosity even nowadays. Being an outstanding, creative and not average person, Picasso was in the constant search and development within the whole life. We often use the notion of a creative person nowadays, but perhaps it is exactly such people as Picasso that without any exaggeration that correspond to this notion. Picasso searched for inspiration and dynamically developed his style and own vision of art within the whole life.

Picasso’s way of depicting people and objects developed in the entire style, called Cubism and resulted in a great impact on the development of modern art. Being born in 1881 in Spain, Pablo was considered stillborn and by a twist of fate was rescued by a puff of the cigar smoke. Such an unusual birth was the beginning of the unusual life of the youngest smoker in the world. Due to profession, of his father, Pablo started his acquaintance with the art of painting at the age of 7. Even in his early years, the talent was easily recognizable and his father, the teacher of painting, refused to paint anymore.

Pablo was related to art from the early years and he created his first works being a child. At the age of 12, he was drawing for hours and was constantly mastering his skills. Thus, in a few years, he crafted portraits of family and friends. When obtaining the education in Madrid and Barcelona, Picasso was distinguished by his talent and unique approaches. He was often bored with the study and searched things and concepts that were really interesting for him. Anyway, parents and teachers had a great influence on the formation of Pablo as the professional. Along with that, his constant thirst for inspiration and development was decisive for his career.

According to the statements of his friends, the only thing Picasso was truly interested in was art. The interesting thing is that Pablo has never tried to please his audience with art. He tried to interested people, to disturb their minds, conveying by that deep social, political and cultural meanings. Developing his artistic styles, the famous painter switched from green and blue color gamma to orange and pink, he developed Cubism and used it elements in numerous of his works. Picasso was in the constant search of inspiration and development to express his unique vision.

According to modern surveys, pictures of Pablo Picasso are highly evaluated by collectors and art lovers. His works are sold for record-breaking sums; therefore he is often called to be the most expensive artist in the world. A lot of art experts and scientists are interested in the phenomena and artwork of this prominent figure. Scientists have performed numerous researches that reveal astonishing facts. Thus, they note that viewing Picasso’s pictures creates a special experience between the observer and art, making the work alive. According to the neuroscientists’ research, Picasso managed to create unique pieces of art that penetrate observer’s mind, arouses interest and special aptitude. It is an extraordinary phenomenon and a remarkable talent.

Talent, genius, outstanding art perception and expressing – Picasso had all these things. His life was totally devoted to art, the search of inspiration and expression of his unusual vision and sense. Works of Pablo Picasso represent a unique talent and invaluable heritage that will be fascinated and admired by further generations.