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3 Helpful EdTech Tools for Teachers and Students

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3 EdTech Tools for Interactive Classroom Collaboration

Fast technological development constantly changes the way we see the world. Nowadays, it influences almost every aspect of our lives. The educational sphere is not an exception. EdTech tools make the information more accessible and, as a result, the learning environment becomes more and more efficient0 and your essays become better.

Organically integrated technology can really simplify and optimize the learning process helping teachers better engage students in the classroom work and out of it.


Flipgrid is an exciting video discussion platform, which is now effectively used by millions of educators and students worldwide to facilitate the learning process. The communication is based on posting videos and getting a response by other users in the form of video as well.

Besides the fact that the whole Flipgrid social experience is fun, the teachers actively use the app with educational purposes. It appeared to be an effective tool for engaging students in discussions of what has been explored in the classroom.

With this tool, students have a great opportunity to reflect upon anything, from book or movie to the current classroom assignment. Instead of typing the information and reading the response, one can experience almost face-to-face communication, see the real emotions of people with their actual faces and voices.

Book Creator

This tool is simple yet fantastic since it made creating and sharing e-books in the classroom very easy and useful. It is possible to choose a layout, select a suitable font, add images, stickers, audio, and video.

Students can add their own creative works as well and if they feel adventurous enough, they can start with a blank page instead of choosing one of the default layouts.

There are options for creating a private library or allowing the book to be accessible for the public by means of a certain code.

Content can be related to almost any subject and can be fiction or non-fiction.

Using this tool is an amazing way for students to express their creativity and share their unique view of the world. The learning process, which mainly consists of the unengaging worksheets and typed essays, can be diversified with the help of Book Creator.


InsertLearning is an extension to the Chrome browser, which can turn any online page into a lesson. This can be performed in minutes but the impact on the effectiveness of the learning process is impressive.

Many teachers name this tool to be their favorite one since there is no need to use different platforms to create a dynamic lesson. Everything can be done with the help of one tool only and InsertLearning really does its job.

It is easy to highlight the text, insert instructional content, embed videos, add notes, and ask questions which students can also answer on the same page.

With the help of Google Classroom, students send their responses to the teacher’s dashboard and it is even possible to grade the answers inside the actual app.

We have to face the fact that the days when we only used books and chalkboard for studying are over. Modern technological tools make a huge difference in the learning environment already and keeping up with the new tendencies is a must. If you haven’t incorporated any of the EdTech tools into your teaching practices yet, perhaps, it is a good time to start.