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Christmas Playlists to Spend Jolly Good Time for Students

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Christmas Hits That Will Make the Celebration Better

There exist many types of music and different people prefer listening to different soundtracks. Christmas is coming soon… So, won`t it be a great idea to find a perfect playlist for this magic time?

From traditional and classic Christmas songs, there is a great number of different newly released tracks and variations of different songs that will surely make your celebration. Be sure that the hits given in the list below will suit every mood and every occasion. So, let`s start.

The Biggest Christmas Hits of all Time
These songs hit all Christmas charts. They are considered to be the most popular songs for this holiday of all times. Just enjoy these classics that will create a special atmosphere for you without doubt.

Never-Ending Christmas Hits
Listen to these awesome Christmas hits ever recorded and get a giant dose of pleasant feelings and emotions. From Madonna and Mariah to Bing and Burl – they will surely make your evening.

Classic Christmas
When a Christmas tree is already decorated and everyone is sitting around the table, it is high time to turn the some classy Christmas soundtracks to complete the atmosphere. Just listen to it and enjoy your time at full.

All I Want for Christmas Is Pop!
Christmas is not only about classical and traditional music. These latest pop Christmas hits will make your party as bright and unbelievable as possible.

Today’s Pop Christmas
The most popular singers of this time present beautiful and vivacious covers of holiday classics to make your time as festive as can be. The Christmas spirit is really alive in those songs!

Christmas Cheers: Fun & Happy Christmas Hits
These songs are perfect for those who want to throw a nice and lively holiday cocktail party. These Christmas songs are full with love, happiness and warmth. The most joyful mood is guaranteed.

A Blue Christmas and a Funky New Year
These songs will keep you warm the whole evening. Enjoy these blues and soul songs from the legends like James Brown, Sharon Jones and others. You will be impressed, believe me.

Cozy Christmas Hits
Fireplace isn’t the only place that will make you feel comfortable and warm during these holidays. Just turn on these songs and relax. These classics will make you feel really good.

Romantic Christmas Classics
What can be better than sitting with someone special near the Christmas tree listening to some amazing romantic songs? These soundtracks create a special atmosphere of the miracle and pure love as well. In the end, Christmas need to spent with someone you love.

Peaceful Christmas Favorites
It includes different songs, both playful and calm. This collection is actually aimed to help you to relax at full with a cup of hot chocolate near a fireplace. Christmas mood guaranteed.

Christmas Rap
If you are a great fan of rap, there is something on this Christmas night for you also. This eclectic mix of Xmas hip hop music will give to you a lot of positive emotions. They are all done with the emphasis on the old school classics.

Cocktails & Clave: Latin Jazz Christmas
Any cocktail Christmas party will be better with songs from this collection. These Latin jazz soundtracks will become your favorites these holidays.

Jazz Christmas
If traditional Christmas songs, choirs and carolers are not something you need this Christmas, here is another perfect option for you. Just listen to some Christmas songs jazz variations and artistic interpretation to get a giant doze of pleasant emotions and positive mood. Enjoy this instrumental music and find its rhythmic perfection.

A Cosby Sweater Christmas
R&B songs do not sound like Christmas at all but be sure that their combination will impress you in every sense of this word. Souls Christmas music with rhythmic R&B, why not?

Natty & Nice: A Reggae Christmas
Spend your holidays with perfect mood from listening to these reggae covers of Christmas classics.

Santa Claus Tiene Sabor!
These songs are those you need for a perfect party to throw. You will find the best examples of Latin America’s Christmas traditions in this album. In addition, you will surely mind festive and lively mood.

White Sand Christmas
This album is for those dreaming of a white sand Christmas, not snowy. It is a tropical mix of Jamaican reggae, Cuban salsa, Brazilian samba and Latin jazz. Smashing songs for those who are going to celebrate their holidays around a palm tree.

The Coolest Christmas Songs of All Time
If you want to celebrate your Christmas well, don’t forget about this playlist. Wonderful celebration is guaranteed.