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Corporate fun. How to schedule an event

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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Planning interactive events with your company

It is easy to stay reserved and organized when you are at a working place. It can be a problem, however, when the action is transferred to a ski slope or a bowling club. Traditional schemes of getting everyone together do not seem effective anymore, and you have to find ways to make corporate retreats entertaining. The main reason we focus on this topic today is the importance of spurring productivity and creativity at the work place.

This way, we boost our company’s resources and do not rely on text-based materials alone. Communication is the key to an effective training, just as it is a good option when no one else seems to be involved. If you work in an office that is not remote and can give in to the pleasures of face-to-face talking, it is even more challenging. What we have discovered while monitoring the office surroundings around the world is that differentiated approach should be applied to each and every one of the workers.

We learn the hard way, and depending on the type of personality, we can be fast or prefer a slow-paced regime. Based on this distinction, you can plan your future retreat and tell your boss to participate in an event alongside the employees. Together, it is possible to build a team that is going to plan for food and fun when the weekend comes. You should also give your colleagues a freedom of choice, so that they can pick between options and decide what’s best for them in the current situation.

Office retreat. Details

We may talk about the retreats for hours on end, but does it really make sense when we have no particular plan in mind? Here is a scheme you can follow to schedule a memorable event:

  1. Set a budget. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a retreat or rob the bank to provide your employees with perfect holiday opportunities. If you are excited about the upcoming trip, but still don’t want to invest much in the whole enterprise, start small and simple.

Renting a house in a remote and picturesque area will certainly delight your workers and make them feel special. Plan the event beforehand so you don’t have to rush for the tickets when everyone else is already packed and waiting for you.

  1. Find a location. There is no need to say that having a limousine and a helicopter at your service will make any office retreat unforgettable, but do you really need that price tag? If you don’t want to burn holes in your pockets and still have something you can write home about, you can choose a less expensive transportation option and spend the rest of the money on sightseeing and package tours. There can be exceptions if you are working at a remote company, but generally, the scheme is the same.
  2. Choose accommodation. If you want your colleagues to show you their A-game, provide them with private rooms while on holiday. It may sound like a waste of money and corporate budget, but believe us, they need some time to recharge and come back to the work feeling refreshed. Besides, you need to read tips on decent hotels. Sites like Travel Advisor and will help you find a place that combines luxurious surroundings and cozy atmosphere.
  3. Discuss the activities. It is important to know the insides of your company, so that you can structure activities according to your colleagues’ potential. For example, if there are some dietary instructions or health issues going on, it is essential that you are informed ahead of time.

Besides, there are extroverts and introverts at your office, and what seems suitable for an open-minded, active worker may sound like a nightmare to his friend. Alternating between different kinds of leisure is a good idea when you plan a corporate retreat.