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Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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A Writer’s Getaway: Enjoyable Holidays around the World

Here are the destinations that will be valued by every writer that struggles for perfection in writing. Though you may discover some of them for the first time, this doesn’t mean that you have to deny an opportunity for inspiration.

They will help you improve the game in an instant and get a professional standing among mentors and fellow authors:

  • Moniack Mhor Center in Scotland. This writing center in Scotland offers opportunities for authors, who like to book in advance and reveal the secrets of fiction while hanging out with friends. Located in a picturesque place in Scotland, the course encourages the experts to get along with nature and demystify the complexities of classic literature. The classes are held daily with the students providing fees for single rooms and well-equipped kitchens and halls.
  • The Arvon Foundation in Shropshire. What started as a charity center slowly developed to become an entertaining session with the prolific writers who are constantly ready to prove their worth. You will be delighted to attend the courses and seminars that are led by the stars. They will reveal the secrets of the genre, welcome those, who are new to writing, and inspire others. This place is home to a renowned playwright, which is what makes the session even more alluring.
  • Whiteface Lodge in the US. If you are a fan of comfortable surroundings, mountain views, and old-fashioned fireplaces, you will revel in this large parkland. It was built as an excellent destination to have a digital detox and forget about the laptop for several weeks. In addition to the writing desk adorning every room, you will have a marvelous view to fuel your impressions. Writers can choose to work solitary or join their colleagues in the lounge.
  • The Writer’s Lab in Greece. This is a paradise for the hedonistic writers who wish to combine rest and productive work. Accommodation is one of the best reasons you should come to the ancient island of Skyros. They also serve fresh fruit and yogurt, made in Greek traditions. Pulitzer Prize writers will be in charge of your literary course while you take time sketching drafts on the sunlit terrace. Tanning hours are combined with lessons that will make you wonder whether this is the best destination for the aspiring authors.
  • Creative Adventures course in Marrakech. We get it already – the exotic allure of the spices, eastern markets, and buzzing city life can make you distracted. However, this is what they rely on while arranging this course. Do not be trapped in the illusion, though, there is still a lot of work once you attend the charming seminar in Morocco. Those who visit on the regular say that the session covers all aspects of writing which includes creating a plot, developing a story, tightening the text, and pitching the work to the agencies.

  • Literary Adventures in Spain. Hosted in an old house of Casa Ana, this course is destined to become your favorite. It starts in autumn with people coming in to discover everything about creative writing from the professional tutors. The award-winning writers will run the sessions, packed with special kinds of exercises to get the words flowing. You will find yourself jammed between an intense writing routine and thrilling tours to the towns that are located nearby. Locals are also very friendly to anyone, coming here for inspiration.
  • Writing Novels in Dorset. Those who seek to improve their writing while also looking for the holiday can attend the course that is held off the famous coast of Dorset. Located next to the Vale of Marshwood, the place provides you with accommodation of a dream. You will have lessons in the morning, combined with the afternoon sessions. The guests are allowed to stay in private rooms and visit readings whenever they feel inspired.
  • Garsdale Retreat in Yorkshire. This is a real delight for the writers, who are new to the area. The hosts welcome anyone, striving to achieve their goals on paper. The seminars are not only inclusive but also focused on developing artistic imagination and expressing your thoughts in a free form. Workshops and individual lessons are included in the cost. Even if you have never been to the scene, they give you time to shine and reveal your potential.
  • The Watermill in Tuscany. Italian landscapes are only a part of the appeal, so do not miss the course that is focused on singling out the highlight of your literary work and cooperating with the famous authors. These sessions are a real treasure since they are traditionally held in groups, allowing people to connect and find a common language. This is a course, determined to shape your literary destiny and pave a way to fiction writing. It is also a great alternative for anyone, looking for an extraordinary