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Important Cybersecurity tips for modern students

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Enrich Cybersecurity Knowledge of Your Employees

We live in the era of technology; computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TV and other gadgets, which are an integral part of our daily routine. People can’t imagine any day without them, but people don’t always understand how dangerous technologies might be in wrong hands.

For that reason more and more attention should be paid to cybersecurity knowledge both among the young and the older generations.

If we consider relations between business and cybersecurity, the latter has a significant importance and in some cases determines how successful the former can be. Any business deals with various types of information, hackers understand that perfectly and do their best to steal it; by means of malware they find weak points and attack. IT departments are usually found as the main focus of cybersecurity in the company, but that’s not always enough. You may be surprised how many factors depend on ordinary employees.

There are a huge number of examples when computer systems of the biggest companies were hacked because of one employee’s mistake. One computer infected with a virus is a real threat for the whole corporate network, that’s why employees should also be aware of the importance of their computer’s security. There are a few simple rules that don’t require any special skills. Make sure your employees not only know, but also use them.

Use Complex Passwords

Simple passwords are the first target for the hackers. You may ask how it is possible. The simple passwords are an easy prey for the hackers who use the software that guesses passwords. It’s necessary to mention the fact that many people have the same passwords for their emails, accounts at the bank and in the social networks. Such behavior greatly increases the chances of anyone to be hacked. Creating the original password with many characters may take more time, but at the same time it will take more efforts from the hackers that aim to crack that password. .Many employees neglect that point thinking they aren’t included in the sphere of intruders’ interests. The truth is that anybody may become a victim of the hackers, and the most important thing is to make the employees understand the whole importance of the complex passwords.

Be Careful with Unusual Links and Email Attachments

Have you ever thought of the ways the malware gets to our computers and other devices? Frankly speaking, there are plenty of possible ways, but the most wide-spread one is attached files and links. Warn your employees to be attentive to emails that contain suspicious attachments and links, even if the sender is a person they know. In any case they shouldn’t click any links or download any attached files, as the latest malware can counterfeit the sender. If you or your employees have noticed any suspicious email activity, it’s high time to ask help from the IT department. Another possible solution is to contact the sender and find out whether he/she really sent you something.

Not Use Company Computers for Employees’ Personal Transactions

Normally all the necessary sites and applications for work are pre-installed and checked by the IT department, but what about other sources the employees uses for own purposes? In such situations the malware gets to employee’s computer, and as a result the hackers have access to the corporate network.  Restrict (or at least control) the use of computers by employees for their own purposes!