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How to Earn Money if You Are a Postgrad?

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How Can Postgraduate Students Earn Money Online?

The Internet makes it easier to earn money even if you are studying full-time. Such kind of work usually doesn’t take much time and you don’t have to pay tax, which makes it so popular among the students worldwide.

Besides, it is a good way to support yourself as postgraduate studying is not cheap. There are several ways how students can earn online in 2019.

Becoming a tutor

If you are good at your field of study, why not to try yourself as a tutor? Such a job allows you to have a flexible schedule and easily combine work with your studying, and also, when having enough students, you can earn decent money.

Freelance writing

For those who are good at writing, becoming a freelance copywriter could be a good option. There are lots of online writing platforms where you can find job offers of all kinds. How much you will earn depends only on you.


If there is something you are passionate and knowledgeable about and you know this something will be interesting to other people, too, try to start your own blog. Of course, it will take some time until your blog becomes popular, but why not give it a try? Only make sure you are not going to write on a very specific topic that very few people understand!

Drop Shipping Sales

To sell products from drop-shipping companies, you don’t have to be a professional seller or even see the item you sell! You make money on the cost difference between what you charge your customer and what the drop shipping company charges you.

Online surveys

If you are an active internet user, try yourself at filling out surveys. Many brands need customers’ feedback to be able to make their products and services better. Why not help and get paid for that?

Become a transcriber

If you can type fast, there is an option to work as a transcriber. What you have to do is to listen to audios and type what you hear there. It is possible to earn from 7 to 21 dollars per hour!


Good at finding errors when reading? Then proofreading would be a good job for you! Just search for online proofreading jobs on the internet.

Online assistant

Being virtual assistant means that you will offer different services virtually for money. It can be anything from email management to graphic design or social media. Not bad, especially with the chance to earn from 25 to 100 dollars per hour.

Apps and Websites Tester

Good for those who use the internet and different apps actively. Companies need your feedback on how everything works, so why not be useful and get paid for it?

Definitely, there are far more ways to earn easy money on the internet, just surf the net a bit!