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Does Education Affect Our Health Level?

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Smart and Healthy? The Way Our Health Depends on Our Education Level?

We are used to thinking that those who are well-educated (for example people with a college education or higher) have better living conditions and better health. However, is it really so, let’s get some details from health and education essay?

The recent medical and scientific researches figured out that people with at least college education level have mortality rates lower than those without a college education. Also, well-educated people tend to be less affected by such negative phenomena as depression or anxiety. There are also very few people suffering from asthma and diabetes among those with higher education. What could be the reasons?

  1. The general tendency is that people who are better educated usually care about their health more and are more aware of good health importance than those with poor education or not educated
  2. Those who have a college education or higher are more financially secured and have higher income comparing to those who stand below. It means that well-educated people can afford themselves better living conditions such as healthy food, healthy habits, etc.
  3. People with higher education can afford themselves better health care and health insurance, as well as better hospitals and doctors
  4. Well-educated people usually live in the areas with good living conditions and environment which also affects their health in a good way
  5. People of a lower social status and with worse education level lead more stressful life as a rule. This, in its turn, causes health problems
  6. Genetics also matters. The recent researches showed that people with higher education and wealth tend to marry those who are of good health, too.
  7. Those who have higher education and, as a result, higher incomes, have better health resources. They can afford themselves healthier food, regular exercise, etc. On the contrary, people with poor education often suffer from bad nutrition, bad habits like smoking, and can’t afford themselves to visit high-quality doctors

Is It Only About the Materialistic?

You could have thought that there is the only material side of life that our education affects most. However, a high education level has an influence on the other parts of our lives, too.

Social and psychological benefits

Higher education means that well-educated people will have less stressful factors in their lives comparing to those with poor education level. The reason is that educated people have better jobs and working conditions, they don’t have to worry about money and earning for a living. These people also tend to care about their health more since childhood.

Health behavior

People with higher education more often have healthy habits like sports and healthy nutrition comparing to people with low education level. They understand their health needs better and can control their food habits more efficiently.

Healthy surrounding

Those who have poor education usually live in areas with not that good health conditions. It can be polluted area or simply economically marginalized neighborhood with lots of fast-food restaurants.

Unlike them, well-educated people can afford themselves to live in ecologically clean areas with more resources for healthy living, for example, supermarkets, green areas (parks and sidewalks), good hospitals, etc.

Crime level

It may not sound surprising to you, because of the low level of crime influences the quality of life directly. People who live in good districts have much more save surrounding and are less stressed about being traumatized or injured.


Those who have higher education live in areas with many qualitative schools and pre-school institutions. On the contrary, people who live in worse conditions can only choose between low-level schools with mediocre teachers.

All these issues have a great influence on our health, even though some of them may seem not obvious at first sight. However, being aware of high education importance, people can become more stimulated to get a good education and improve their living conditions and health level.