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Education Tips that Will Help You Learn Remotely More Effectively

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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Learning online is becoming an essential skill. According to a recent study, just around 5% of people who enroll in an online course complete it. Typically, it happens because of the lack of motivation to finish it. If you are one of these students, consider using the following eight tips that can help you complete your online course.

Get a Study Buddy

Online learning is sometimes boring. Therefore, it is often a good idea to gather several friends and create a study group. Having someone to help you overcome problems when you get stuck is crucial. There is an option to find friends remotely and video chat instead of having personal meetings.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Complete Your First Class

Do not try to run several courses at once. Instead, start with one class and set a deadline to complete it. Remote education requires more self-discipline, though you can go at your own pace. And keep in mind that the first class is usually the hardest since you are shifting completely to another type of learning. So begin with just a single course and finish it before you move further.

Create a Study Schedule

Study during your most productive time of the day. Create a timetable and try to stick to it. Choose the time that is best for you to study and watch lectures, read books, and do your home assignments during this time.

Avoid Distractions

Keep your smartphone away. Do not check your email and social media when studying. It is very easy to spend an hour messaging or scrolling Instagram, so do not even give yourself a chance to get distracted. It is a perfect idea to put your phone in another room. Or you can turn off the notifications and just put it aside for your study time. Believe us, doing this will increase your concentration x10.

Try the Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management practice that helps you get maximally focused and creatively fresh, thereby allowing you to finish things faster with less mental fatigue. The method is actually very simple. It involves dedicating 25 highly focused minutes to study and taking a break for 5 minutes. Each period when you concentrate on your work is called “Pomodoro.” With this technique, you will have studied efficiently for 100 minutes with a break of just 15 minutes.

Rewind Lectures That You Do Not Understand

This is the main advantage of online learning. You can simply pause and rewind on the spot to revise if you did not understand what has been said. Additionally, some MOOCs, such as Udacity, provide mentors where you can discuss your problems and get feedback on your projects. While most online education institutes do not provide mentorship, it is important for you to train yourself and completely understand one section before moving further.

Refer to Your Books

Sometimes it happens that you do not understand the lecture properly. For this reason, it is always better to keep a reference book to get one more explanation since there typically are no teachers or assistants to ask and clarify something.

Bet on Your Exams

Take your tests and quizzes seriously. This is the time when you have to apply all the knowledge that you have got during the course. Try short quizzes that are available in other resources. A good score on an exam is definitely a boost to your self-confidence. Just do not forget to check if you have a good internet connection.