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Enhance the Academic Performance with Video

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Video Content. Improve the Learning Process

Instead of trying to make the information simple, teachers are struggling to show more to their students as they continue on a path of education. Video content comes in handy as the data becomes more and more comprehensible to students of all age groups. To amplify the effect that is created by learning, one should use clips as a tool in the classroom.

Despite popular notion and prejudice, existing around these lessons, video footages can actually help students develop mindfulness and remain alert. It all depends on how much we want to show them daily.

Two main goals of displaying video content include:

  • Providing information. It is known that students are able to learn faster when they perceive data through various means and modalities. Reading is great for learners regardless of their background, but the video takes the game to the new level. This is a language of learning that can’t be underestimated due to the novelty of the research provided and the basic principles of managing information. Images that are found in the footage act as supporting evidence for statements that have been previously voiced in class and assist students in understanding the basic lessons.
  • Strengthening knowledge. If we take into account the number of instructional clips that can be found on the media these days, they are all united by a single purpose to amplify the knowledge of students, struggling to grasp information. With platforms such as YouTube, one can be sure that educational videos are going to help kids learn information in an entertaining way. This is also an excellent method for students, who wish to take a break from the intense lectures and perceive data in a new form. Once you realize that the facts are really sticking with you, this is a surefire sign that the video content has been useful.

Tips on Using Entertaining Videos in Class

Video content is a great way to engage students, but there are rules one needs to apply to make the mission successful:

  • Choose the topic. Everyone wants to share a dynamic story with the viewers, but the teachers need to be really picky when it comes to content. This is a rule that is applied by those, who care about the reaction of the audience. Anything that is too scandalous, vulgar, shocking or controversial can be considered as a bold attempt to break the cycle and blow the student’s mind. Although this kind of approach might bring some novelty to the classroom, you have to select specific clips if the movie has a high rate of adult content and is rarely shown in the classroom.
  • Set a purpose. If you want the group of students to watch the video with interest, you have to give them a goal. We are talking about making a statement before plunging into the theme of the lesson. Setting a purpose will persuade the class that they need to remain attentive and watch carefully. This is called providing a mission for the learners. You can also press pause and stop the video to let the class jot down their thoughts and feelings. There are episodes that need to be watched twice in order to comprehend the material in a better way. Content-packed clips are harder to analyze, that’s why instructional videos are usually discussed with the students after the episode is over.