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Essay On Benefits of Chatbots

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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4 Ways for Beneficial Chatbots Using

The rapid advancement in technology has introduced many innovative solutions and methods to satisfy all needs of students according to their personal requirements and studying aims. Many applications which serve as personalized learning resources are available for people these days. In addition, these new technologies enable teachers to save up time and find a special approach to each student separately.

One of the latest innovation is the chatbot technology. Chatbots aim to cooperate with students on human terms and are usually described as virtual assistances. So, can we consider this innovation to be in people`s favor? How can we use chatbots for some useful purposes?

If we speak about bridging the gap between education and technology, chatbots will surely fit here. These chatbots provide students with interactive learning, which is similar to personal teacher`s approach. Bots can play a great role in encouraging students to work harder, alongside with following the whole learning process.

  • Personal Learning Experience
    Actually, all students are different and all of them learn and get the information in different ways as well. It means each student needs some special and personalized approach. One of the biggest advantages of chatbots is that they are capable to adapt to specifications and requirements of all students, providing them with flexible schedule.
  • Source Of Social Learning
    One more important fact about eLearning with chatbots is that they are capable to work on both levels – on individual and on group basis as well, thanks to its interaction design. Student with various experience, knowledge and backgrounds can work together, sharing different ideas and thoughts, while the chatbot will perceive everybody individually. Chatbots are also able to encourage students to cooperation and interaction between each other, by assigning some group work and projects.
  • Time Saver for Students
    Teachers and educators can simplify their daily schedules by using chatbots. They can become good helpers for teacher in many aspects. For example, a chatbot can answer students` questions instead of teacher or even check their homework. Consequently, teachers will have more time to work with students on more personalized terms, what is not less beneficial.
  • Online Assessments Helpers
    In case a class consists of a great number of students, it becomes practically impossible for teachers to provide each student with personalized care and attention. Chatbots will make you forget about this impossibility. They can not only facilitate teachers` efforts, but work with chosen students and groups at the same time. Chatbots are not only about answering questions and providing students with general knowledge. They are also able to help teachers a lot by checking homework, identifying different types of mistakes, assigning papers and projects. To crown it all, one the most notable attributes of these creatures is their ability to track students` progress and advancements in studying.

If to use new technologies in a proper way, it will be beneficial for the development of modern society. Chatbots can become good friends and guiders for students, creating for them a perspective of effective and bright learning process.