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Essay on Free University Degree in Germany for US Students

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How to Get a Free University Degree When Being a US Student

For many American students, the cost of US education cannot be called affordable. In addition to this, in recent years the fee for studying in one of the American colleges reached new highs.

Still, the desire to get higher education didn’t diminish and US students keep searching for ways of saving thousands of dollars and getting their degrees.

In fact, some students are so determined to have a good education that they are ready to travel as far as 4,800 miles away from the US to Germany. This country differs from the US and it is situated on another continent so not everybody can be brave enough to leave his family and friends to relocate for studying there. Yet, moving to this country might be a true way out for those who want to get a decent education but cannot afford this at home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Overall, whatever amount can be spent in German educational institution, it wouldn’t be enough to cover the tuition fees at home even if the scholarships are available. The financial advantages are obvious so there’s no wonder that more and more US students prefer to travel as far as Germany. The idea of studying for free is mind-blowing for many. Obviously, rent, transport expenses and obligatory health insurance in addition to the food costs are required but in general, the benefits are evident.

Language Concerns

Many parents would want to save money but they are cautious about letting their child travel so far away from home to the country language of which is foreign. Nevertheless, there are no grounds for worries since some universities are filled with students from a variety of different countries and many classes are taught in English.

Overview of Application Process

1. Sometimes it is sufficient to hold a high school diploma with a 3.0 GPA.

2. You may qualify for a preparatory course that takes one year and culminates in the assessment test.

3. DAAD, which is the German Academic Exchange Council, offers an extensive database of establishments where various programmes are taught in English.

4. You can find the university rank, which is based on estimations of academics, job market preparation, tutor support, and more.

5. Many institutions offer the opportunity to contact their office that can offer support for international students.

Benefits for Germany

A lot of parents and students wonder how it is possible to have such a cost-effective but quality education. Indeed, one of the problems that Germany educational system faces is that it’s difficult to convince potential newcomers that the offer is viable. The thing is that attracting bright minds from around the world is extremely beneficial for the whole country since many talented students decide to stay in Germany after graduation and serve the country while meeting their own personal needs in life.