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Essay on computers

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Computers and other hi-fi devises have been firmly connected not only to the energy grids but to our lives as well. It is unthinkable for most people to spend a day without working on the laptop, writing a post on computer for Facebook or Twitter accounts, playing PC or using navigator.

Electronics have infiltrated into all spheres of life: education, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment and many others. And this process continues to progress. Computers are now taking part in life spheres we couldn’t think of.

Twenty First Century Indulgence

Computers have definitely made the life more relaxed and comfortable. We do not have to spend weeks in the road, riding horses to get from one city to another. There is no need to carry out large-scaled calculations on the paper anymore. A computer will easily measure all necessary preset parameters and produce a result. Au contraire, we use calculators and machines too often. We have forgotten how to do some sample math tasks that would help in the situations without a computer at hand. The evolution of technologies have given us one of the greatest pleasures of electric instruments, new direction for music industry development and a chance for new talents to surprise us. Moreover, we all stay connected due to computer devices and the Internet. It doesn’t matter how many miles spate us from families, lovers and colleagues, we still get our jobs done, support children in hard times in school and send kisses to parents on Viber. Smart houses automatically control half of the devices in the house and ensure our satisfaction. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi control of the house systems can be an easy target for the house “hackers” that can get into control.

Progress in the service of humanity

However, technologies have comfort not only our everyday basic life needs but gave the hope for curing world-spreading illnesses. Computer approaches in microscopy will help scientist get deeper into molecular structures. New software will help in modeling pathways of disease formations and establish key points in preventing their emergence. Moreover,  robot sergeants will make hard and impossible operations more accurate and executable in hard-to-reach body organs. Millions of people will get hope for recovering.  Furthermore, wounded soldiers and victims of accidents are already enjoying the advantages of smart bionic limbs controlled with the brain. With the evolution of science and technologies, this engineering innovation will become more available. It will give the chance for people to enjoy playing sports or musical instruments again.

Progress for the sake of progress only?

Machines have brought our lives up to new levels. With the help of machines, computers and robots we discover space step by step. There is a whole new, cold and immense universe waiting to be discovered. Computers calculate the trajectories for safe and successful landings. Plus, with the development of techniques we have improved entertainment industry, and it continues to strike us with new inventions:  3 and 4D cinemas, virtual glasses and many other incredible things. The Hoverboad and flying skateboard made “Back to the Future” come true.  We stay connected even while sleeping with the Pillow Talk, listening to the heart beating of our loved ones. For the ones who are not very organized, Amazon Echo named Alexa will wake one up, remind about important meetings and plans, suggest what music to listen to and what film to watch. Getting back to cosmos, Blue Origin proposes simulations of the flight into space inside their newly developed spaceships. Though, the virtual reality that is offered sometimes takes too much place in the real world. People miss out the beauty and colorful saturation of the real world.

Unfortunately, computers and brand-new technologies are often being used both by the government and ordinary people to spy on other citizens. It intrudes into the privacy and brings a lot of problems in all domains of life, either loving or business affairs.

Summing up all the above, computers have a major influence on our lives, and it continues to grow. Some may argue that it is dangerous and interruptive for the natural matter of things. But it is clear that we cannot step back and stop the progress. As Isaac Asimov once said: “ I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them”. Bad or good is the impact of computers, it is already an inherent part of us.