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Essay Sample on American Organization of Nurse Executives

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) is an entity that emphasis on aligning the healthcare system by supporting, leading as well as enhancing the leadership of nurses (AONE, 2018).

By using the AONE Nurse Leader Competency Assessment Tool, I have been able to recognize some of the weaknesses and strengths in leadership and seek ways of applying it to improve my practice as a nurse by focusing on change. My highest scoring areas were performance management as well as human resource management. Ideally, AONE (2015) considers that “leaders, as well as staff members, should take part in enduring learning and uphold professional accreditation.” My other area of success was in the performance improvement, which consisted of performance indicators, capacity to evaluate data, data collection strategies, and how to react to the outcomes of data.

Furthermore, my lowest ranked area was financial assessment. Nevertheless, the personal journey of AONE disciples consists of learning from failures, setbacks as well as success. Therefore, being that I am still novel in my career, I shall use the assessment too tool to evaluate my weakest points and try to expand my goals. It is this way that I will be able to improve in my practice (Gubanc-Anderson & Mason, 2016).

A segment of my present skill about leadership is made up of having an excellent relationship with fellow employees. The idea offers an upper hand when attempting to champion change in the workspace. By effective communication with the co-workers, one encourages open discussion on the current issues and provides the frameworks for change (Chicca, Frank,  & Hagy, 2018). As such, I would integrate this idea into my practice to help fellow employees come up with plans to execute change and see it through.


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