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Essay Sample on Nurse’s Role in Conflict Resolution

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Nurses play an important role in conflict resolution. For example, in a conflict between a client and his or her family, a nurse can facilitate the resolution through various strategies (Hiemer, n.d.). Firstly, the nurse should ensure that each party respects another by focusing on the issues causing the conflict and not the personalities of the individuals in both parties.

Secondly, the nurse should ensure that neither the client nor the family shoulders the blame for the conflict. By maintaining this neutral ground, the nurse will enable open and complete consultation on the cause of the conflict (Hiemer, n.d.). Thirdly, the nurse needs to ensure that both the client and his or her family have equal times of raising their arguments on the conflict. In this case, the nurse needs to employ active listening and understanding to take account of the key themes of the conflict to deduce the appropriate resolution. Lastly, the nurse should follow up on the implementation of the solution. At the end of the discussion, all parties agreed on one solution (Hiemer, n.d.).

Nurse Role in Patients’ Taking Part in Decision-Making of Their Care

Patient participation in their care is an emerging necessity in healthcare. As a result, nurses need to ensure that patients participate fully in the making of critical decisions regarding their care. To ensure this active participation, nurses should ensure they enter into shared decision-making with the patient by undertaking several actions. Firstly, the nurse should conduct strong patient education and patient aids (Heath, 2019). Patient education enables patients to understand their health status as well as the treatment alternatives and side effects of each alternative. Patient aids enable the patients to compare their health conditions and treatment alternatives to their lifestyles and preferences. As a result, this will allow them to decide together with the nurses the optimal treatment alternative. Nurses should also engage with families of the patients because this promotes positive outcomes since patients rely on their siblings for critical decision making when they are ill (Heath, 2019).

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