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Essay About Nursing. How Did Nursing Change Through the Time?

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Essay About Nursing

Nursing is one of the oldest existing professions. Nurses are the first ones to welcome us into this world. They help us take the very first breath. Before the modern nursing gained a foothold of what we know it now, the first ones to provide nursing-like care were members of religious institute. Let’s read on nursing essay from our experts.

Nuns and monks helped a pregnant woman to give birth to a child. The basics of the professional nursing were further established in the nineteenth century. Florence Nightingale was the first one to set up a professional nursing school. Here work was so much successful that it had spread around the word after 1870 to educate young nurses. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the responsibility for nursing education was laid on the hospitals. Unfortunately, hospitals and doctors saw nurses only as a source of inexpensive labor at that time. However, underestimated attitude to nursing is changing with time. It gets more and more recognition in the twenty-first century. For centuries, nursing was considered to be a women’s profession, but in late years it has become a gender-neutral profession.

What Does it Mean to Be a Nurse?

Nurses take health care not only of newborns, but also of all patients in hospital and at their home. They work together with doctors and patient’s family members to help the patient recover, ensure that the treatment is properly executed and provide the patient with the most comfortable conditions. The worldwide nursing community’s goal is providing decent education for nurses and maintaining their credentials. Education involves studying theory, practice and training in hospitals and clinics. Nurses are not just doctors’ helpers. They do assist physicians, but mostly they are independently taking care of patients. Nurses provide patients with proper treatment, keep the record of their medical history and provide emotional support.  The last one is the hardest part. It is not easy to reassure patients, settle down their fears and soften the pain. It is extremely important to talk to patients because most of the time in the hospital, they stay without family and friends alongside. Furthermore, it is part of a nurse’s job to cheer up patients in such moments.

Job Risks and Solutions

Unfortunately, nursing is facing a shortage of personnel internationally. The conditions of work are very tense. Nurses are often feeling the high pressure and stress at work due to the emotional and physical demands, busy schedule and shift work. This puts nurses into the risk of getting different sleeping disorders, depression and injuries. Nurses experience great physical stress helping paralyzed or weak patients, rising them up and moving around. That is why nurses are in the risk of getting various muscle injuries and back pain. Fortunately, there are different stress management programs for nurses, both individual and group-focused. These programs are designed to reduce sleeping disorders, anxiety attacks and increase the comfort of the working environment.

Characteristics of a Nurse as part of the Identity

To finish with, nursing is not just a job, it is a call. It gets into the skin. Helping and caring about people bring a lot of warmth and love into nurse’s hart. Looking after patients also means giving away cordiality and devotion. The profession choice of a nurse tells a lot about the personality. Besides, a nurse is a critical thinker when the situation needs it. A nurse solves problems and takes high responsibility. It is of a great value for a nurse to be creative at work: to find a personal key to each patient.