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Essay Sample on the Nutrition Month

Date published: | John BlackSmith

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Essay on the nutrition month

Nutrition is a science that studies the influence of the consume food on our mental and physical health. It studies all biochemical processes that occur in our body, when we consume certain products and our body reaction to them.

1It unfolds all the elements and components of the metabolic pathways in order to establish the best dietary instructions to keep people healthy.

Little Pigeons Can Carry Great Messages

Nutritionists divide the products in our ration into 3 groups: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Each of them has specific functions, but they work together, and the one cannot accomplish its purpose without the other. Proteins are important macromolecules, consisting of smaller blocks – amino acids that are extremely important for cell biochemistry, hence, for its proper work. Proteins are building materials for cells and perform the role of public transport, transporting different elements and other molecules from cell to cell.  The reason we have to consume vegetable or animal meat proteins is that they have essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself.

Carbohydrates, for instance, are our body’s energy system. They also consist of smaller parts. After eating an apple, for example, fruit carbs break down to sugars, glucose is the best known among them. It provides energy for many processes in the body. Fiber and complex carbohydrates have positive effect on digestion, and sugars on brain function, because this enriches neurons with extra energy. Though, over eating of carbs leads to their storage in the body and eventually turning into fats. We are used to thinking that fats are “villains” because they lead to extra weight. But, indeed, they are essential for the reproductive system. Fish oil contains omega-3 fat acid, i.e. a smaller block of a fat that decreases the risk of heart diseases and atherosclerosis. Healthy fats also can be found in avocado, salmon, pumpkin seeds and many other products.

Beside the three necessary components of food products mentioned above, there are also vitamins and other biologically active agents. They help proteins, carbs and fats in functioning. For instance, vitamin A is important for the eyesight, helping eye active protein rhodopsin, and vitamin D, which is synthesized in our skin or gets into with food, protects children from a rickets illness.

A Couple of Recommendations for a Healthy Nutrition Month

So, it is absolutely clear that it is important to be a smart eater and choose your ration with great responsibility. Numerous researches show that caloric restrictions, the reduced intake of calories without undernourishment, prolong the lifetime and decrease the risk of several diseases. One can experience the positive effect of eating smartly just by trying a right nutrition month. Consulting a doctor or nutritionist before choosing a ration will increase the benefit of the dietary regime. Nutritionists suggest eating not only certain products more often, but consuming food at the specific time of the day. It is believed that eating in smaller portions but more regularly during the day improves metabolism and unloads digestion. Plus, with the feeling of lightness and ease of the body, the day goes by happier and more relaxed. Yet, the diet that is good for one person is not very much suitable for another.

To finish with, the saying “we are what we eat” fully describes all the above. Eating healthy will not only improve your maintenance now but will minimize risks of dangerous illnesses later on.  Nutrition is a field of science that has still a lot to be discovered and tested. Its success depends on other related subjects like biochemistry, microbiology and genetics. But it is already clear that taking at least minimal steps towards healthy nutrition will give the positive effect on your lifestyle and healthy lifestyle for students.