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Essay Sample on Sociology

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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“Play” is no ordinary word to the sociologist as they know too well that the word has an in-depth meaning. The activity has multiple advantages for both children and adults. Through play, children are able to develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral capacities. Also, play enables children to interact and engage with the world that surrounds them.

Times have changed with fewer adults indulging in play different from the way it was in the 15th century. Play should be an inseparable part of one’s life because of the health benefits that are associated with it.

Play Deprivation and Chronic Stress

The absence of play in one’s life makes them vulnerable to a host of negatives.  Their bodies are in danger and they could end up dying from serious conditions such as heart disease. With play, one’s body feels better and they have an opportunity to perform exceptionally in different areas (Ferris & Stein, 2014). In today’s world stress is inevitable with every person trying to make the best out of their lives. It is a strong feeling that occurs when an individual is faced with overwhelming issues (Horesh, 2015). Stress has the ability to only damage the brain but also other vital organs in the body.

The adrenal gland in the body releases several stress hormones which cause the heart to beat faster and could also lead to hypertension in the long run. Additionally, stress also interferes with the nervous system and it ends up sending the wrong message to the stomach. The wrong message disrupts the normal movement of food something that leads to a condition that is known as irritable bowel syndrome (Horesh, 2015). If the daily stress progresses to become chronic stress the damages that it lives to the body are irreparable. Stress is directly related to the lack of play in one’s body. There is no way in which one can live without having to encounter stressful situations however one can use play to manage stressful situations and live a better life.

According to Stuart Brown (2009), play can be regarded as a transformative force that is capable of bringing positive results. Play creates new challenges and opportunities that distract one from thinking about pressing issues. Students who perform well in various technical fields are said to have had the exposure of using their hands at an early age. It is an advantage to them as the skills create employment opportunities for them. Prominent companies prefer to employ people that have been engaging their hands in a lot of activities.

Play Deprivation a Public Health Concern

When one deprives their body play they may not know the dangers they are exposing their bodies to. Some do not even realize that it is something that could end their lives. Lack of enough play is public health concerned because of the increased deaths as a result of it. People must be educated on the importance of playing to avoid dying from conditions that are manageable. Once people are aware of the benefits of play they will change their perspective of the play. People of all ages will participate in the activities as they look forward to living longer lives.


Play is important to both human beings and animals. It is something that improves the performance of various organs in the body. It reduces stress thus helps people in living happier lives. The government will play an important role in educating the public through mass campaigns the importance of play. Additionally, the government should develop stadiums where citizens can participate in different activities which are helpful. It is a measure that will reduce mortality rates.


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