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Free Writing Software to Make Your Life Easier

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Educational tools can make your studying less tiresome! Different programs cover various areas of studying and let students avoid useless and time-consuming work.

This post is devoted to writing applications that will help you deal with paper writing. Most of these apps and sites are free or at least have free limited versions or/and trial periods.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway’s texts are very straightforward and easy to read. That is why this editing tool is called by his name! With its help, you will process your text and make it more comprehensive. The app will detect hard-to-read sentences, wrong grammar, unnecessary adverbs, and passive voice. As a result, you will make your content flow.

Not only students but also copywriters and bloggers can benefit from this app significantly. An extended version of the program allows authors to make their copies SEO-friendly. The paid version of the software will not only indicate problematic spots in your text but give you a range of suggestions on how to fix them. And behold – Hemingway knows how to edit passive voice sentences!


Grammarly is one of the most prominent editing tools. Today, this program is the most accurate and advanced one. It is widely used by academicians, bloggers, students, and office workers for different types of texts as well as for business emails.

Grammarly will find all punctuation, grammar, and stylistic errors in the text you upload. It will detect the repeating words and provide alternatives to help you avoid tautology. The great thing about Grammarly is a massive database of common errors and a wide range of suggestions the tool can make. With its help, you will notice your mistakes, read explanations, choose the better variant, and learn how to avoid the same mistakes in your future works. In a word, you can relax when writing your paper and stop thinking about grammar at all. Focus on the content and leave everything else to Grammarly.


RhymeZone is a real treasure for fiction writers and young poets. With its help, you will find rhymes, words with similar phonetics, and examples of poems and songs where these rhymes were used. Whenever you have a creative writing class and experience problems with rhyming, try this app. And if you dream of becoming a gangsta-rapper, this tool is a number one to try.


This one is a perfect tool for art students. The software provides a number of opportunities for efficient script and book writing. Celtx can boast of having more than three million users and advanced cloud-based storage for efficient production and sharing. You can use this app on a computer or get a mobile version for your Android or iOS.


With Thesaurus, you will find thousands of synonyms and antonyms. This is especially beneficial when you need to paraphrase the text or make your language richer. The online program will help you find equivalent words and phrases to express your ideas in the best way. Just enter the word into a line on the top of the page, and Thesaurus will provide a list of suggestions with definitions. The list starts from the most relevant word/phrase and ends with the less relevant ones.


StayFocused has its name for an apparent reason – it helps you to stay on track when studying. When working on your laptop, it is hard to stand the temptation of scrolling your Facebook feed or Instagram all the time. The time-wasting sites distract your attention and eat lumps of your precious time. Concentration problems won’t bother you anymore if you have this tool. Install it as a browser extension, and the app will prevent you from wandering on entertaining websites when you need to study.

Citation machines

Creating citations manually is the worst thing you can do. At the same time, you cannot submit a paper without the Works Cited page and properly-arranged in-text quotes. Poor formatting can bring you some serious problems! And you don’t want to be accused of cheating and plagiarizing.

Citation formats are boring and archaic. Gladly, it is not necessary to waste your precious time on such a tedious and senseless task. Purdue Owl citation machine is one of the most reliable and up-to-date generators, so you can use it to create quotes. There are more of them on the web, and you can try them as well, but this one is one of the best. You can cite any source type with its help, just include the necessary information in the required lines.

Online writing services

Academic papers per order are extremely popular among modern students. No wonder – the workload at colleges is exceptionally high, so most of them have no other choice but to delegate their tasks to professional writers. Using an essay writing platform, you can hire a subject expert to complete your paper. All you need is to provide the instructions. Of course, as you might understand, such services are always paid.

Writing services create samples to your instructions so that you can use received documents as a basis for your own work. When you are stuck with your assignment, the first thing you usually do is searching for a paper on the same topic online. And we know that the results are always disappointing. Everything you can find online is a bunch of mediocre and weak papers on the banalest topics in the world. It is hard to find something specific and get some ideas for inspiration.

Writing services can become a perfect option for students who need to combine jobs and education or for international learners with weak grammar skills. To be honest, every student needs assistance from time to time, because it is really hard to handle the pressure and massive academic overload. Some of us are not natural-born writers.

So stick to these helpful tools, platforms, and websites to cope with your writing assignments. If the supporting software is not enough for you, don’t be shy to ask for custom writing help. In any case, good luck and happy writing!