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Game of Thrones: Struggling for Perfection in Scene Writing

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Needs Improvement? Fans Believe Game of Thrones’ Writing Deserves Better

One can say a lot about the ending to the legendary show known as Game of Thrones. However, as the episodes started to mount, the showrunners Benioff and Weiss gradually realized they are also running out of ideas. Let’s read a detailed essay on Game of Thrones.

The legacy they have created due to the efforts of George R.R. Martin, the man behind an amazing universe is falling apart unless the script is tense and focused. Although some of the actors have already commented negatively as to re-editing the last episodes, there is no denying you can respect something while also criticizing it.

As soon as Benioff and Weiss understood that the source material is not enough to keep the show going, they burdened themselves with the task of creating a script that has no parallels with the book. Plotting and character development can be daunting, but bringing out one’s priorities first proved to be the wrong move. The fans, who have been watching the show for ages, are complaining they’ve lost all sense of consistency as they continued to tune in for the next episode. It is natural that the showrunners need to rush the finale and close the project for good. However, some of the greatest characters have been treated too carelessly to be actually taking notes.

We can start with the motivations that seem to be lacking with most of the characters. George R.R. Martin has previously stated that he considers himself to be a gardener of fiction. By carefully choosing the arc and planting the seeds of character wisdom, he leads us to understand that the heroes are in the right place at the right time. The writer is guiding the growth and decline while never failing to explain why these men and women are responsible for their actions. Martin also lovers his schemers, plotters, and hero wannabes, which makes his political charades and historical allusions even more outstanding.


As you are getting familiar with the lore of the first seasons, you slowly come to realize that the terrible events happened because of the terrible choices these characters made. This is also one of the reasons the book simply could not keep up with the show. Benioff and Weiss were constantly accused of sacrificing character arcs for the sake of grand cinematic effects and gestures that are impressive more than they are memorable. Surely, the final season is full of exciting moments and battles to fuel your imagination. However, some of the big moves seem to be wildly unnecessary if not altogether useless.

Major Players: Falling into the Trap of Stereotypes

“The Bells” is a penultimate episode of the show where most of the characters we love so much have fallen into the trap of “smart people acting dumb”. Fans point out the extreme example in the unraveling of the story of the game’s most prominent player, Varys the Spider. At first look, he seems to have paid a fair price for being a traitor and scheming against Daenerys, not to mention trying to pull Jon into a rebellion. It almost felt like a powerful eunuch was deliberately trying to provoke Dany so he could show Tyrion she can be cruel to the people she loves.

On second thoughts, though, it does appear strange that the notorious Master of Whisperers does not bide his time. He is known across Westeros for playing his cards close to his chest and never revealing his plans to anyone until they are executed. It is only natural that the viewers start wondering what made him share the initial plot with Tyrion while trying to persuade Jon to betray his lover. This is the man who has been known as a definition of subtlety and discretion. Varys is defined by his careful moves in the infamous dialogue with Littlefinger, who kept prattling about the chaos while the Spider remained cool. Now, it looks like the man who has served under several kings no longer possesses the same chill and is ready to accept his fate. He is not planning the next move as he used to.

By going with the flow, Varys basically seals his destiny and once again proves his uselessness as Dany’s most trusted advisor. We are going to miss a well-drawn character if there was any. His random decisions reach their climax as he keeps plotting with Jon and writing hasty letters to strangers. This is so out of character than it is almost unrealistic. Also, the viewers find it hard to believe someone like Varys would not check all the options before declaring the rebellion and scheming against the Queen. By checking the prospects, he could have saved himself from the sentence. Dany, on the other hand, does not trust her closest circle but seems to be enamored with Jon.

The showrunners were keen on racing to the end of the season, which resulted in character simplification and hanging plots. It would be too much to ask if the Spider’s plotting was actually a slow-burn, but the same can be said about the Targaryen ruler and her heel-face transformation into a tyrannical leader. The heartfelt moments of forgiveness between Cersei and Jaime can also be classified as weird, considering all the character development the latter got in the final episodes. With all that being said, the writing feels sloppy at times, which adds to the overall controversy over the season’s finale.