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How To Write a Cover Letter To Get a Job of Your Dreams

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

How To Write a Cover Letter To Get a Job of Your Dreams

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How To Get a Job of Your Dreams

While many skip the cover letter window when applying for a job or scholarship, others double their chances to succeed by submitting a persuasive letter in which they present why they are the best candidates for the position.

The willingness to skip this step is understandable. It is hard to write a good and engaging cover letter that will guarantee you an invitation for the job interview. And we tend to avoid hard work. Yet, it is absurd to not write it, as it is your business card until you get a real one. Without it, no one will remember you. You will get lost among thousands of other applicants. So, to prevent such a turn of events, let’s find out how to master cover letter writing so potential employers can’t think about anything but meeting you in person.

Writing Cover Letter Purpose

Today, in 2021, a cover letter might seem unnecessary. Why even bother if we all have profiles in social media, in professional communities, we communicate via Zoom and can learn anything about the person in a few clicks? Yes, the world has changed. And we felt it even more during the last two unprecedented years. But there is a thing that will never change — the appreciation of your attempts to be heard and noticed.

A cover letter is a way to appear boldly, brightly, and, eventually, definitely be chosen. Here, an applicant can say much more than a resume can accommodate. The cover letter includes information about your professional path and skills, but the most important part of it is expressing your personal interest in the vacancy, explaining why your personality is the best choice.

Cover Letter Writing Step by Step

Cover letter is a type of essay that has to be written according to a certain scheme. There is enough room for creativity, but it is not fiction. Writing it, you have to follow such a structure:

  1. The introduction. Its main purpose is to attract the reader’s attention. It has to be short, clear, and comprehensive. It should include information about why you are a good fit for the position and what you can offer. It might include your motto or your life principles.
  2. The body. Here, you can write about your experience, achievements and creations, ideas, and general perspective. Also, you can write about your education and professional path, but it is not necessary as this information has already been stated in the resume.

Keep it short and content. Do not load the reader with tons of personal information. It will do no good.

  1. Conclusion. It is the part where you can share your vision on how you can improve the company’s performance and what your strengths will help you to do it. After that, there should be a polite request to contact you, and, certainly, words of thanks.

If you lack time, you can use cover letter templates available online. There are many good ones. You can search depending on your industry or download general templates. Everything would be better than no cover letter at all.

Also, there is such a thing as a cover letter builder. Using it, you can complete your letter in less than 20 minutes. It is easy to navigate and requires no advance preparation. And it will do a good job for you, as the structure that builders offer is familiar for the recruiters and make no problems overviewing it.

What a Perfect Cover Letter Includes

Cover letter writing is tricky. The lack of information in it is as bad as the excess of it. However, there are some data that have to be included and will help you to keep your letter short but comprehensive:

  1. Contact details

Yes, you’ve put them in your resume, and CV, and they are available in your email signature. And yet, it has to be included in your cover letter as well. The recruiter shouldn’t spend their time of searching how to contact you. This information has to be right there, in front of him, all the time. You have to write your full name, email address, social media profiles if the field you’re working in requires that, phone number.

Also, it would be great to write to the company’s manager directly by name, to address your message to a real person. It will show you did your research and has a goal to work in this company exactly.

  1. Use an introduction as a hook

Hiring managers love to cover letters, but they can get bored fast if it is an empty official letter with no interesting or intriguing information. It is a cover letter that doesn’t fulfill its purpose. So, what conclusion will the recruiter make about the author based on such a letter?

Stating your sincere and passionate intention to get a job is not enough. It is an obvious fact. Everyone knows you want to join the team as you are applying. Share some emotions. Write about your dreams and hopes. Be specific and motivated.

To not sound baseless, bring one of your achievements up, tell about what you’ve already done to become good for the position. Show you are proactive, initiative, and progressive. Still, keep it professional, avoid slang words and interjections.

  1. Convince you are the one they need

This paragraph has to be strong but honest. No bragging is allowed.

Here, you have to highlight the features that make you stand out. You have to present your success in something confidently and calmly. Use only facts, no recommendations or suggestions needed.

It is too tempting to say something more about yourself, to make things look better than they are. But you shouldn’t do it. If you don’t feel confident enough, you can admit it mildly and carefully. You can state you might not have enough experience, but your head is full of fresh innovative ideas you want to share and implement. It would be amazing if you can share one right away in the cover letter.

  1. Make it about the employer

You have to present your best skills and knowledge, but shouldn’t speak just about yourself. You have to show you know something about the company, and that’s why you know they will win if they hire you.

Conduct the research and find out as many details about the company as possible. What is the age of the company? What is its goal? Look for the employees’ interviews, perhaps, and underline in your cover letter you are aware of their development, and you did notice there is something that needs improvement.

If a company’s employee recommended you to apply, mention the person. But do not limit yourself with the name. Tell a short story about your relations, try to explain why he, the insider, suggested you’d be a good fit.

  1. Use a proper tone

Sometimes there are recruiters who communicate casually, and an applicant considers such a behavior an invitation to do the same. Don’t do it! Anyway, the cover letter is an official document and has to be written in a friendly and simple yet professional manner.

Try to find a balance between the official tone and the relaxed one. Use simple words, but avoid slang. Use professional definitions, but do not get too complex.

Use tools to check the grammar. Do not be ashamed of it. Even when you buy essays from writing services, professional writers use such tools. Eliminate all the mistakes, as if there are any, they will definitely ruin a whole performance.

  1. Review your cover letter

Take your time to finish your job. Review, edit and proofread your cover letter thoroughly. If there is a chance, share your letter with someone else to give it a fresh look. If you don’t have such a possibility, opt for a professional editing service.

There are many good ones. It is evident, you neglected the possibility to buy essay friends offered, and it is good for your own improvement. But editing is completely another case. In a perfect world, only professional editors have to do it.

After you polished your cover letter, read it out loud. Prepare to present it as if you need to do it in front of a big audience. Be ready to answer the questions, as they may follow during the interview. So, do not provoke employers and recruiters to ask you even more questions than they are going to.

Make sure you’ve saved the changes, and proceed with your application process.

Have Fun Writing A Cover Letter

A candidate writes a cover letter to become interesting for the employer. It has to be attention-grabbing, exciting, entertaining, maybe even intriguing. Yet, it has to be professional and, perhaps, old-schooled. This is not an easy task to complete. However, here is a hack that will save you from the danger of sounding boring and trite. Have fun!

Writing a cover letter, you have to enjoy the process. You have to radiate positivity, confidence and passion. No one wants to hire a grumpy control-freak person. You have to draw a picture of how things will change and improve when you start cooperation. Invest in cover letter writing, undoubtedly, so later you won’t regret missing the chance of your life.