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The Importance of Mental Health Research When Writing Fiction

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Writing Fiction and Mental Health Research Idea

It goes without saying that all people are psychologists at heart to some extent. The study of the human psycho provides us with the opportunity to understand ourselves better, as well as to understand all people around us.

There is a great number of books and movies where some mental health issues are depicted and described. Sometimes authors and screenwriters manage to render everything in a proper perspective. Sometimes, everything seems to be unrealistic at all. It all depends on a person. In case you are experiencing some problems with mental health or have experienced them in the past, it will be much easier for you to give a proper perspective. In case you only heard about it, you need to do a deep research concerning this topic in order to create a worthy product.

According to the statics, one if four people around the world face with some mental health disorders at some points in their lives. Despite this great number of people suffering from mental illnesses, it is still difficult to put everything on screen or paper because of different misunderstandings and stigma. The deal is that many people who suffer from mental disorders are often afraid to talk about it directly because of some negative stereotypes in society. These people are often seen as violent and with suicidal intentions. However, it is not an absolute truth. Many people with such state do live their lives fully, spending productive days.

The process of adding a character with mental disorders to your piece of art can become an off-putting element for a lot of people. That`s why it is very important to make an appropriate depiction of this character. Taking into account that many people around the world are affected by this issue, a well-done and through research can help to show a true perspective on it at film or book.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of movies and books created by people who are not competent in mental health issues. As the result, everything is portrayed incorrectly. While working on such characters, do your best to make it as accurate as possible. Remember that your story needs to be authentic, realistic, and fresh.

When you are writing a novel, for example, you want to show how your character suffers. You also want to show all the highs and lows of having a mental disorder, right? So, in order to make a story flawless and completed, you also need to tell about the backgrounds. Think about those things which caused that mental condition. Tell how this illness affects a character`s family, friends, co-workers, children.

So, before working with the theme of mental health disorders, you need to do an extensive and thorough research. Be sure to come across many ideas, facts, problems, and solutions that will surely improve your chances to depict everything in a proper way. These all things will also make a product of art richer, it goes without saying. One more important thing you need to do is to create a story that will make people believe in it. Their attitude towards people with some mental disorders needs to be like an attitude towards simple people.

There are many books and movies, where the main theme is dealing with mental disorders. By reading and watching them you will get to know more about this. In order to conduct a good research, you can also make some interviews with mental health care professionals. Or, maybe you know somebody who is facing mental difficulties at the time.

In general, you need to remember that psychological illnesses are incredibly complex. You need to be aware of what you are producing. People will notice every single detail. So, before creating – get yourself familiar with the topic you are working with.