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The Secret for Improving Your Writing Skills

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Every skill is like a muscle. Your skills grow and improve if you practice regularly. It is common knowledge that when we pick up a habit and stick to it – we will eventually be rewarded with good results.

This statement also applies to writing. If you develop a writing habit and maintain it for some time, you will notice how your writing skills will improve. With writing, you need to trust the process. Even if you write ten okay-ish short stories, don’t get discouraged – the next one might be a masterpiece.

If you’re passionate about writing and even if you don’t get paid for it you are a writer. Writing is a skill. And, as with any skill, the more you practice it, the better you get.


A writer must have something to say. They must have an idea. In the process of writing, you will refine it and make it more complex, but you must have an original idea to start the text. Maybe not even an idea, but an image. Some kind of impulse at the back of your head, tempting you to give in to this idea. Passion and motivation are as important in writing as they are in love.

Helping Writers Become Authors

This is K.M. Weiland’s site, and it’s a gold mine of useful material, especially for fiction writers. Weiland is well-known and respected among writers, particularly when it comes to outlining and creating successful novels. In her blog, the writer talks about character development, narrative structure, and storytelling. Visit her blog, and you will find some essays worth reading.

Brain Pickings

On this site, you’ll find essays on the lives of great authors that have been thoroughly researched and eloquently written. Maria Popova selects her topics with care, and it’s not difficult to find an article that will capture your interest while inspiring you to create something yourself.

This website not only offers 100 writing prompts but also emphasizes America’s diversity and richness in literature. The essays are unique and innovative, and they are certainly worth reading.

Poets & Writers

This website not only offers databases of all kinds of publications, literary agencies, and writing competitions but also explains how to get published.


Pick a topic you are passionate about, something that you can’t get off your mind. After all, you will have to spend some time dwelling on this topic and developing your initial idea. However, it’s important to be able to interest your readers in this topic. Capture them with your passion for the idea. To do so, you need to learn how to write good and engaging text.


Hiveword editors have curated over 40,000 articles. They also provide a user-friendly search function. So, if you’re looking for information on a certain topic, use their search box. Hiveword also has a unique organizer feature. This program will help you keep track of your characters and storylines, which will help you save much time.


Ideapod is a brand-new social media network devoted to the exchange of ideas. Ideas can range from personal feelings to religious beliefs to technological advancements and politics.

Creative Writing Prompts

It’s a website dedicated to assisting authors in finding inspiration. It includes a creative portal with classes, creativity suggestions based on the style of writing, in addition to multiple writing prompts.

Now Novel

It’s one of the top online writing courses available. They give you ideas and resources to help you outline your story. They provide free, constructive advice on story ideas, which is incredible! They also provide free email courses to get you started right away.

The Ultimate Character

One of our most popular writing resources is the Ultimate Character Questionnaire. The questionnaire, which contains over 150 questions organized into sections such as appearance, personality, relationships, religion, possessions, morals, everyday life, and more, might assist you in creating intriguing characters.


To write a good text, you need to develop a writing habit. Constantly write. You cannot learn to ride a bike just in theory: you just have to ride it. Get on the bike and pedal. Fall, get up and start riding again. Same for writing, you need to develop and maintain a writing habit. Write every day: a sentence, a blog post, a letter, a poem, etc. – you pick. You have to force yourself and write pages of text every day. You can start small, slowly learning to express what you feel as accurately as possible.


One of the most difficult aspects of writing is that you must be both the process administrator and the creative energy driving the process forward. Pacemaker is a word counter that keeps track of how many words you’ve written.

It may be customized to fit your specific habit, and it’s always available in graph, calendar, or table format. You may tell the app how much or how little writing you want to accomplish, and it will inform you how much time you have on the dock for the day.


This software was created specifically for writers. The goal is to create an exciting and effective writing environment. You can use it to write, but it’s mainly meant to help you change your writings for the better by allowing you to rearrange text and suggest changes.


It’s another free tool for making to-do lists for your regular tasks and weekly schedules. You can customize the list so that it will fit your writing goals.


Miro allows you to design a layout for your project using an interactive digital whiteboard. While it may be used for any type of project in any genre, it’s especially useful for authors who want to test out plots, character development, or idea advancement in the context of the entire work.


NaNoWriMo promoted the idea that anyone can write a novel in 30 days, so it provides tools, tips, and resources to assist writers in accomplishing their goals. Many writers in NaNoWriMo forums encourage one another and share lessons learned from their personal experiences. All you need is a draft title for your book to get started.


Another crucial thing for developing good writing skills is, of course, proficiency in the language in which you wish to write. Once you’ve mastered that skill, you’ll need to learn a few pointers to help you stand out in the competitive world of writing. Talented authors must constantly improve their talents to stay ahead of the competition.


Try Grammarly if you want to quickly check any piece of writing and see whether your grammar is okay. Grammarly is free to use as an online app as well as an app you can download to your smartphone or computer.

Grammar Girl

The author of this blog shares her simple writing techniques. Grammar Girl gives you quick, helpful pieces of advices on how to improve your writing. She breaks down the grammar rules and word choice guidelines that even the best writers struggle with. When you’re unsure about your use of grammar, Grammar Girl will help you out.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This website has a number of posts that explain typical grammatical errors, basic punctuation, and simple syntactic concepts, among other things worth reading.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing

This is a handy resource that will help you improve your writing on the level of words and sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research papers.

Hemingway Editor

This program evaluates your text for readability. It indicates what academic level is required to read your essay. It also emphasizes the aspects of your writing that you may improve to make it more understandable.

Every piece of writing should be straightforward and easy to comprehend, and Hemingway Editor will help you write a clear and engaging piece of writing.

Better Writing Skills

On this website, you will find 26 articles on punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and syntax usage. If you are unsure about either of these aspects, check their website to ensure your writing is flawless.

Writing Forward

The Writing Forward blog, which was started by a dedicated writer, provides detailed information about writing skills, grammar, and other topics.

Check out the site’s instructive content for more helpful information on all aspects of the writing process, from outlining to publishing.

Lousy Writer

The main purpose of Lousy Writer is to assist you in becoming a better writer as quickly as possible. Lousy Writer focuses on successful communication by breaking down word usage and sentence building into simple, easy-to-understand guidelines.

We hope this article was helpful for you and that you are now inspired to create a great piece of writing!