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Kaia Gerber about learning and being a model.

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What does Kaia thinks of learning and meeting new people?

The fact of doing several things at the same time is detectable pretty hard. Kaia Gerber is absolutely agree with this thought talking of combining modeling career and educating in school.


We, truly, do not know whether it is hard or easy for the most wanted model and one of the youngest beauties for today, to write an essay or does her mother help her to explain certain things in educational process. But at least, we know, that :”In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements.” – this proverb belongs to great Mao Zedong.

We are sure, that this young girl does not lose sight of her achievements. Her timetable is full with different shows and meetings, and educating is influential period of life for every person. There is a thought in society, partial, that not every model is educated enough.

Well, last time people try to do away with this thought. However, Alina Baikova – another outstanding model, who started her studying at New York University. In contrast to Alina, Kaia is much more younger and prioritizing her work, school learning and chilhood.
Such a busy agenda, makes herself fit and strong. She says:”It’s really difficult, because you have a lot of different things going on. I go to school everyday, and that does come first.” Kaia also told that she tries to separate her modeling work and school life, because some may think that she is different, trying not to talk about her job with friends, but Kaia also considers her job as a hobby. She also added there are no days whereshe could sit and do nothing.

The photo was taken from Kaia's Insta Account
The photo was taken from Kaia’s Insta Account


Fire in her eyes and making her dream come true – that is the main thing ih her life and in life of every person, anyway she absolutely glad that she is modeling, face of Marc Jacobs, meeting new people, learning so much new things about many different people.