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What do you know about slang words? Revealing the slang secrets

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Top 10 slang words everyone should know

Have you ever wondered why people suddenly start talking about some goat? If you are not sure if the word snatched is a compliment or you should take offence at it, or if you are confused how a person can be referred as salty, then you should totally refresh your slang vocabulary and learn some new terms.

Today we will talk about modern slang words that are widely used not only by young people but representatives of all ages and professions.

Improving the vocabulary

First of all, you are not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Every day new slang words are popping up so it is not a surprise you do not know all of them (even the coolest guys struggle to understand their definitions). Unfortunately it is not enough just to google them so we brought you some latest slang words that are fun to use in everyday life.

  1. Cray – you probably guessed that it comes from crazy. For example: what she did last night was totally cray!
  2. Gucci – here means not a popular brand, but fine, okay, good. For example: Are you okay with this choice? Gucci.
  3. Bible – have you ever heard that from Kardashians? When someone uses this word it means they are going to tell you the whole truth or ask you to stop lying. For example: Bible, you look gorgeous! If you like him, say Bible!
  4. Dead – of course, you know the traditional definition of this word. However, the slang use of it is when a celebrity kills or slays someone. For example: have you seen Madonna? Yes, dead.
  5. TD – also means to die, an abbreviation. Mostly used when something is just amazing or perfect. For example: do you like this dress? TD! Buy it!
  6. Plug – this word is a shameless endorsement for brand, product or person by a celebrity. For example: did you see Jannifer Aniston plug her new eye shadow palette?
  7. Ship – just a simple abbreviation from relationship, this word describes approval of fictional romances. For example: he ships Helen.
  8. Hundo p – this one is used when you totally agree with someone or something. For example: Are you sure you can take it? Hundo p, give it to me!
  9. FR – another abbreviation that means for real. For example: It works FR.
  10. Trash – be careful with this one. It is used when someone looks or behaves tasteless. For example: have you seen Pete walking this morning? Yeah, trash!
  11. Live – the word is used when something is so fun and enjoyable that it makes you feel excited. For example: I was living that party yesterday.

Have your friends already used these words? Now you can not only understand them but keep the conversation going!