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List of Highest Paying Jobs in America

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Twenty Highest Paying Jobs in the US

The choice of career has been a very challenging subject to many youths across the globe; they want to know which career would earn them the most salary and guarantee a comfortable life. Well according to the list compiled by LinkedIn a giant in job data compilation and connecting with professionals, the medical and healthcare fields happen to occupy the top of the list.

This list was put together after collecting data from over 50 persons from different fields and professions, though there are other career choices that bring in good checks at the end of the month, it is very clear that the medical and health sector seems to be the direction to go if you want to earn big.

According to the list at number one position are the cardiologists, they make a median salary of about $356,000 a year. These are doctors that are trained to diagnose and treat and heart related conditions and blood vessels. They are highly sorted after in the United States.

Another medical filed that stands in the second position is the radiologist; these are the people responsible for the interpretations of images from X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds. They earn a median salary of about $355,000 and obviously, this can certainly ensure a comfortable life anywhere in the world.

The anesthesiologist is the special group of doctors that are responsible for giving anesthesia before surgeries and they have to earn a very reputable name for themselves and go home with a median salary of about $350,000. In the United States, most young people are now heading to this field as they know it can earn them a good paycheck.

Sitting at the fourth place is the Surgeons, with a median salary of $338,000 and surgeons happen to be a very well known field in the medical world and most young adults seem to be more interested in this career because they have a lot of information about it.

The fifth position is occupied by medical directors. This is a physician who provides guidance and leadership and ensures the qualities of health care services rendered are standard like the practice of EMTs, and paramedics within a predefined area. Within a medical facility, there is always a medical director.

Pathologists are the scientist that studies the causes and effects of diseases, with the aid of laboratory samples of body tissues and bodily fluids. These groups happen to earn about $225,000 and they currently occupy the sixth position of high earners in the United States.

The seventh position is occupied by the general physicians who bag in a median yearly salary of about $220,000. These are the doctors that attend to you when you visit the hospital for the first time and take a general look and if there is something wrong will hence direct to the specialist.

The Hospitalists are sitting at the eight spot and are responsible for the care of acutely ill and hospitalized patients. They earn about $220,000 yearly. Closely followed in the ninth place are the Psychiatrists. They diagnose and treat patients with mental disorders. They are said to earn a salary of about $218,000 yearly.

The tenth place is occupied this time by a nonmedical field. It is the senior corporate counsel, and they earned about $175,000 yearly. So for people not interested in working in the medical field and still want to earn big can look to this career for such big payday.

Sitting in the eleventh place is the staff software engineers, they are very well known in the US and most talented young minds have seized the opportunity to develop themselves in this career. A median salary of about $168,000 is what they earned yearly.

Another medical field that earns big in the United States is the Dentist. These are doctors responsible for diagnosing and treating any teeth related diseases. They earn approximately $165,000. This is certainly a very nice choice of career, for people seeking to earn big and who have the love for medicine.

Director of engineering happens to be the person responsible for coordinating and directing the entire process of work for engineers working in a particular field of engineering. The delivering of quality work and ensuring workers do the right work and follow safety protocols using the right tools. They earn a yearly median salary of $164,000. They occupy the thirteenth position.

The fourteenth places are occupied by the tax director and happen to earn a median salary of about $161,000 and as the name implies they are responsible for coordinating of all forms of tax in the United States. Closely following them in the fifteenth place is director of product management which bag in $160,000 and happen to be a very lucrative career choice.

The next high earning careers where they earn $160,000 yearly are the patent Attorney. These are lawyers representing people for product rights and protecting against personal property theft. They occupy the 16th position in the list of top earners. The other jobs that stand out in the high earner’s categories include the senior software engineering manager, global marketing director, and Podiatrist. A salary scale of $150,000 happens to be the amount taken home by the occupant of the 20th position in the ranking. Am pretty sure going over the list there must be one or two careers that would interest anyone wanting to go into a job that provides high income.