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The Fast Growth of Online Learning in the Modern World

Date published: | Maria Haesen

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Online learning has become a popular form of education. In modern realities, it has turned into the only reasonable solution to the educational challenges faced by schools, parents, and children. Its convenience, cost, and accessibility make remote learning even more attractive compared to traditional learning.

Online Learning as an Alternative to Classroom Learning

Over the last decade, the meaning of traditional classrooms has transformed due to the integration of advanced technologies. From projectors to smart screens, technology has changed the format of mastering new knowledge and skills. Currently, almost 50% of people choose online courses to learn something new or increase their qualifications. Despite all the benefits of online learning, its dominance over traditional learning is still up in the air. What you can say for sure is that online learning has the right to be viewed as an effective alternative form of gaining an education.

The Growth of Online Learning

Technology is affecting different aspects of human life. In the learning environment, the integration of technological innovations can be both beneficial and problematic for students.

Online learning has become more relevant because millennials and the gen X, who are now teachers and parents, have a good grasp of devices. Whether it comes to the use of digital tools like projectors and tablets and online sources, the variety of options can cover most educational needs. Online learning is widely integrated into the corporate processes by many companies that need to train their employees. According to the data published by HubSpot, 75% of professionals tend to learn by watching online training videos, while almost 70 of professionals rely on online learning platforms.

The Best Features of Online Learning

The web platforms for distant learning have multiple features that make them attractive for educators and parents. Let’s have a closer look at them:

Convenience and Flexibility

If you consider joining online learning platforms, you will get sufficient convenience and flexibility. Of course, online courses have strict deadlines for task submissions. At the same time, the video, audio, and reading material will be available all the time, so you can check them whenever you feel like it.

High-Quality Student-Tutor Interactions

Online learning enables more efficient communication between students and educators. Thanks to multiple teaching methods, this form of education can focus on individual students. Most online learning courses have a limited number of available places, ensuring that each student received sufficient attention from his/her educator.

High Accessibility

Technological development has opened up a whole new spectrum of opportunities for people of different ages and social statuses. Thus, every person with a stable internet connection can join a course of lectures at Harvard University using video streaming. Also, you can obtain an academic degree by joining an online university.

Advanced Learning Experience

Being involved in online learning, students can learn the material at their own pace. It also helps students attend classes from any place they feel comfortable in. With a minimized level of stress, students can attend online classes.


Online learning has lower prices than traditional ones. In addition, you don’t need to pay for accommodation, textbooks, material, food, transport, and other things that need to be covered in traditional education. At the same time, lower prices have nothing to do with poor quality. Instead, lower prices ensure that more people can receive this knowledge.

High Retention Rates

When it comes to online learning, its retention rates are higher than in traditional learning. Why is it so? It minimizes stressful situations that are present in a traditional educational process. Students can go through the course without rush by moving from one topic to another step by step.

The Bottom Line

While it is hard to predict the end of the pandemic, educators and parents should rely on remote learning as the only reasonable solution to the current challenges. It needs to be established in such a way to provide children with a comfortable educational environment that is informative developmental. Ideally, remote learning should involve a variety of setups such as live streaming, video-on-demand, seminars, webinars, talk shows, interviews, and many others. Whatever mode you are about to choose, remote learning will make it more popular in future prospects.

Today, there are more than enough web resources that offer eLearning options. In fact, they have even more benefits than traditional classrooms. Whether you want it or not, but the truth is that online learning is the future of education. So, it is in our best interest to make it as efficient as possible.