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Poetry Exam Essay Writing. How To Be Prepared

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How to be ready for the poetry exam essay writing

Writing an essay for the poetry exam may be a complicated task since all poems are written in different styles and showcase various points of view of the writers. Check out some tips on how to write a great essay for the poetry exam.

Understand the main point

It is crucial to get the main idea of the poem from the very beginning. If you do not get the meaning right from the start, the subsequent analysis might be pointless, as you will waste your time and effort for the discussion of the irrelevant subject matter.

Choose the suitable writing style

Figure out which language you are going to use, according to the style of the poem that needs to be discussed. It might be required to apply formal language or it can be aptly to use jargon. Anyway, no matter which writing style you use, write simply and clearly to prevent confusing the reader.

Express your point of view

If your tutor instructions allow, write down how you feel about the main topic of the poem. You can tell what effect the piece of writing had on you. You might agree with the main idea of the poem or may express your own point of view which can be opposite of the topic. Describe what you feel and specify what exactly made you feel sad, angry or delighted.

Identify the tone

It is important to identify the general mood of the essay in order to figure out the main lines for backing up your statements. Is the poem written in a playful mood, light and fun? Or, perhaps, it is very serious and jokes and informal language are absolutely unacceptable. The effectiveness of the conclusion that you will make depends on how well you define the tone of the poem.

Use comparison

No matter what the type of the poem is, comparing things can always help your essay to effectively discuss the main issue in the poem. The contrast is great if you want to put things into a perspective. This will help you illustrate the point that you are going to make in your argument.

Write an effective conclusion

In the conclusion, you have a chance to write a bright and concise summary of what message you received and what you felt after reading the poem. The conclusion needs to give a reader a clear picture of what you feel and what you personally think about the issue discussed in the poem.

Proofread and edit

It is extremely important to check out your essay for any typos and mistakes. Without proper proofreading of the paper, the whole work that you have done can be simply ignored. Spend extra time to edit and proofread your essay in order to make sure that your ideas are heard and all your hard work results in great grades.

Interpreting a poem might be a challenging process, but spending some time on analyzing a piece of writing can be quite interesting and useful at the same time. It is an adventure by itself, and if you use correct poetical devices, express your sincere emotions while analyzing the poem and use comparison intelligibly, you will end up with a great essay for your poetry exam.