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Professional Secrets: How to Write an Exciting Post

Date published: | Maria Haesen

Professional secrets: how to write an exciting post Students Smiling on Banner Image

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Chances are, you’ve come across various books and guides on how to write the perfect post for your blog on more than one occasion. Typically, they describe patterns of action that will take your blog to the next level of popularity.

Of course, after reading such a guide, you will gain some knowledge and for sure write a good inspirational text that will collect many positive comments.

However, if you are striving for more and better want to know how to grab the genuine attention of readers who will want to read any of your notes every day, you need something less mediocre.

Therefore, we present you with a concise and up-to-date guide.

In this article, you will learn what steps will lead you to success in writing for your blog. The guide was created on the basis of advice from professionals in their field, that is, those people who have already won the hearts and minds of many. A sleek, intriguing headline, fun and personalized writing style – learn how to create it all now.

By the way, such information is often given only for money, because it carries great value. Still, we believe that everyone who has a desire should have this knowledge and achieve success in what they love. Let’s go!

Basic rules for good headlines

It all starts with information gathering. You don’t even know that you are probably making mistakes when creating new posts.

Admit it, honestly – do you always first collect all your ideas into one block, and only then try to find a suitable headline? If your answer is yes, then we have two pieces of news for you. The bad one – you did the wrong thing. The good one – now you will learn sacred wisdom. It reads – the headline determines the success of your post.

When you have chosen the topic of the text, immediately come up with a title for it, and only then begin to develop the plot and move on to the very essence. A writer without a title is like a traveler without a guiding star. You try to fit all your thoughts on the selected topic into one small text, it becomes incoherent and difficult to understand. And when you have a headline as a starting point, it’s easy for you to guide the storyline from it, and it’s fun for readers to follow.

There are 3 simple rules for creating a headline firing:

Rule 1. Choose a delicious theme

Your post title shouldn’t be overwhelming or promising. Be more down-to-earth, act quickly and clearly, because readers scroll through the feed at almost the speed of light.

To find out what topics your target audience cares about and what your ideas should be put into practice as soon as possible, follow these steps:

  • Pay attention to the comments that are left under your blog posts;
  • Get in the habit of sending your followers mini polls to find out their interests;
  • Use apps to identify the most relevant posts on your blog topic (e.g., BuzzSumo app);
  • Try to find reviews of books and tutorials in your niche on the websites of major bookstores.

If you are a blogger, your main mission is to help your audience. Help in spending leisure time and in self-development.

Therefore, you should understand them as if they are your big family and you have known each other for a thousand years. Every headline in your post should resonate with your readers.

Rule 2. Borrow from the pros

Of course, we are not talking about stealing but only about the formula for your success. Well-known publications and studies have long proven that certain formulas can be used to compose a headline so that every reader cannot cope with the desire to read the article.

Develop your awareness, be inspired by bright headlines in advertisements or other blogs, change them for yourself as a designer.

Rule 3. Use your senses

Think for yourself how many empty and soulless headlines you see on posters and advertisements every day. But blog readers are real people who are looking for understanding and support, want to know that they are not alone in their problems and can find a way out of the situation.

For example:

  • 5 steps to lose weight

This title sounds dry and boring.

  • 5 steps I took every day to get in shape

You and your actions are here, which means that the reader will definitely want to know about your experience.

Rules to make your post intriguing

Great, we’ve got the headline sorted out, and it turned out to be captivating and got all the reader’s attention. Now, it is important to keep his interest, which is not easy at all. If, after reading the first sentence, the reader is distracted by something else, then everything is gone. Therefore, it is vital to write a quality introduction.

So here is another set of rules to follow:

1.Walk around in their shoes.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, what pains and interests they have, how much free time they have to read posts, how these posts should start to become worthy of this time.

Dry phrases like “scientists have proved, etc.” attract few people. You can read this on Wikipedia. Write on your own, write exclusively in your style, place emphasis on humor somewhere, even touching on serious topics, create a dialogue with the reader, as if you are drinking tea with him in the kitchen right now. In this case, your perfect grammar knowledge and boring facts are not important.

2. Imagine you are embarking on an emotional journey.

Seriously, how long have you been getting out somewhere? Not enough fresh air! So let him present it to your readers through the text. What emotions should a person who reads your creation experience? Sadness, joy, embarrassment, irritation, desire to drink coffee? Create this image of yourself the moment you start working on the post. Feel these feelings and emotions inside yourself, put them into your story. Then they will surely reach the heart to which they were sent.

3.The most insidious trick – lure them into your basement, from where they can no longer get out.

Again, not in the literal sense, you can be jailed for this! Be sensible.

Start your text with a short but tricky question that is eager to get an answer right now, cut all the words to the maximum, leave only the juiciest, and of course, keep the pace, any text has it. The reader will immediately pick it up and will not be able to stop just like that. It’s like running – you can’t just pick up and start walking, it’s easier for you to reach the finish line.

What about the main part and the ending?

The main part should correspond to the title and introduction, it should retain the same dynamics. And the ending should be bright and memorable, like the first sip of water after a marathon.

Polish up your text after writing, make it perfect so that not a single typo or missed comma can catch attention because your style and message simply captivate the reader.


And the most important thing is always to remain yourself. You don’t need to follow trend trends blindly. Your readers are already interested in you, your thoughts and experiences, that you decided to share with them, your joy and bitterness. Your readers care about you. So just give them what they want. It is the easiest way to achieve success.