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Quick Solution for Students. Pancakes ideas!

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Top 10 pancake fillings – sweet and savory

Ohh yes! This happens to be one of the areas I like to have my ideas skyrocketing into the air. Who doesn’t like a beautifully made pancake? I guess if there are people who really don’t like them, then they are going to be in the few.

There are different ways people like to satisfy their sweet tooth. Some indulge in simple sugar and lemon and some are more into the stylish savory specials like classic cheese and ham.

It doesn’t matter how you previously pack your pancakes, we will show you great ideas that will elevate your creative abilities in the kitchen. I guess you may even let go the popular sweet for really cool savory.

Chocolate, peanut butter & banana

This great filling will pack out your pancakes while ensuring you have the desired sweetness and, also, reduces cost. It is usually better with a thinner base.  Guess what? It’s very easy to share. So if you are planning to give out some food than this filling is your best choice.

Squash, goat’s cheese & rosemary

You can show everyone what a great brunch you’ve made, these fritters are so cool. Your topping do not have to follow the usual path, right? In case, you hosting some guests later in the evening, it can be a great way to open up your guest’s admiration.

Arnold Bennett

You can give this classic Omelet a modern touch with Gordon Ramsay’s posh pancake recipe. The traditional haddock is kept in the center but the interesting part is transforming the looks to a stylish soufflé.

Crêpe Suzette

Keep things a little healthy by picking out a low-fat favorite. It’s simple and classic but sure knows how to please just about anyone. If you want to be a little more creative, why not add mango to give it some tropical twist. So, instead of using the traditional orange, you go for fat- free Greek natural yogurt and sliced mango.

Vegan tomato & mushroom pancake

This is a Vegan or veggie recipe and yes it can come as a starter or you can top it with sliced banana, pecans, and vegan ice cream and guess you are on your way to enjoy a lovely dessert.

American blueberry

This has always been a very popular choice and if you try it perhaps, you will know why. You can thicken pancakes using baking powder and self-rising flour. When applying your syrup feel free to experiment and there is no need to hold on to the traditional blueberries, pick up a selection of family favorite fruits and let them help themselves with what they prefer.

Breakfast bacon and egg

If you are not a fan of thin pancakes, then feel free to throw in some mashed potatoes; this will make them chunky. The traditional prep is still there but better with bacon and eggs.

Buttermilk pancakes

This is becoming a fast-growing favorite for pancake lovers. Buttermilk is the secret weapon of James Martins indulgent delights.


Make a fantastic looking meal just by setting out plates of all your favorite veggies, herbs and spices. Now, everyone can wrap and roll and enjoy what smoothness comes from eating fresh.

Rhubarb compote with vanilla crème fraîche & pancakes

If you serve this as a dessert then be rest assured to receive some applaud from your guests.