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Reasons to Have a Student Notebook with You at All Times

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Reasons why you should always have a notebook with you for your successful essay

In modern days, you can do a lot with the help of a smartphone provided you have right apps installed. For many people, a paper notebook is a thing of the past and carrying it around might not seem to be justified.

Here are several reasons in favor of notebooks for you to consider so that you could occasionally get rid of the smartphone and enjoy all the forgotten benefits of paper and pen moreover you can always make some essay from scratch afterwards.

Let you brain rest from the technology

Overusing gadgets is never good for the body and can cause sleeping problems, anxiety and even depression. If you feel like you suffer from smartphone addiction, one of the effective methods to deal with it is to stop relying on technology too much and use a paper notebook. Switch to handwriting for a while and break the continuous cycle of checking the notifications on your phone.

Take advantage of notebook’s versatility

Not only your usual journaling can be done with the help of a notebook but adding miscellaneous thoughts and ideas can be easier since you won’t need to struggle with typing. Anything from a shopping list to your weekly budget can be managed with the help of the paper pad. Besides, if you like sketching, doodling or creating diagrams, notebooks appear to be traditional but effective means for the expression of your creativity.

Remember that you can’t fully trust your memory

We come up with new ideas all the time but we physically cannot remember all of them. Some thoughts might be genius and it would be a shame for them to disappear in a myriad of other important (or not so important) things. Jotting down your ideas will make sure that you don’t lose any of your brilliant thoughts. Unburden your brain and write down your reflections on the fly.

Are you having mental health issues? Start writing

Healthcare professionals know that writing can be very beneficial for those people who have mental health issues. Journaling is proven to help express inner worries and figure out negative thought patterns. Tracking symptoms and getting to know yourself better will become easier if you start keeping your diary.

Be well-prepared when inspiration strikes

Many famous artists find carrying a notebook to be an essential part of a creative process. The thing is that you can never predict when inspiration may strike. Experienced authors know that brilliant thoughts may appear in their heads when they’re out and rarely when they are sitting at the work desk. Make sure you have a notebook with you so that you don’t lose your bright spontaneous ideas.

A paper notebook will not run out of battery

Various digital gadgets are very useful in our everyday life. They successfully proved themselves to be convenient alternatives for paper notebooks. However, the electronic devices require charging so one can never be sure that the gadget won’t run out of battery when it’s needed the most. For such cases, it is better to always have a notebook and pen at hand. In addition to this, making notes by writing them down instead of typing will let you save the battery life of your device for more important things.

Writing by hand is better than typing

Handwriting has more benefits compared to typing and using a notebook can help keep your brain sharp. Many studies show that when you write by hand regularly, you improve your memory and process information faster than when you type all the time. Needless to say that your spelling gets improved and you don’t lose those skills, which you gained when you were at school.