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Research about AI. Can Robots Replace Writers in Future?

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

Research about AI. Can Robots Replace Writers in Future?

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The true potential of Artificial Intelligence has always been both scary and exciting. No human being can really predict what to expect from machines. Yet, we want to think that all technological advances can be controlled and are capable of bringing a lot of good to the humankind. We all realize that if misused, AI can easily transfer us into the world of trouble so exploiting the innovative technology should be reconsidered many times before allowing it to function. Here is our written essay research about AI.

One of the dangers to humans is that a lot of people are afraid that their jobs will be taken by machines. In fact, some professions have already been substituted. There are jobs that can be easily performed by AI while some duties still can’t level up with what a human can do. This especially concerns professions, which require creativity and psychological analysis. Can robots become good novelists?

A nonprofit lab supported by Elon Musk and the team of other tech entrepreneurs announced the appearance of an Artificial Intelligence, which can produce fiction or news stories. The concerns related to malicious usage of the innovative technology were raised again. Moreover, a lot of people were worried that the machine-learning entities may become new weapons in terms of information terrorism or the novelists will be forced to get out of business.

In fact, writers shouldn’t worry at the moment. It appeared that creations of machines aren’t as powerful as writings of a human being. AI was given a task of being a narrator who needs to compose a continuation of the stories, which start with the opening lines of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novels. The results can’t be called satisfactory.

The program was dubbed to be dangerous because it can produce misleading articles and generating fakes cannot benefit humankind in any way. Well, it may benefit some politicians but they are already can rely on multiple troll factories without the help of this innovative Artificial Intelligence.

The developers of the smart technologies understand that there must be a countermeasure developed alongside the innovative artificial entity. Yet, one can argue that why to create a bioweapon together with its antidote if it’s better to not invent such potentially dangerous AI technologies in the first place.

Like any measure that’s considered to be harmful, there’s always a place for finding a useful application to it. In this case, many desperate writers can find this AI technology to be useful because they can apply its power to create the content, which can be polished and edited afterwards. Why not to use such an opportunity to come up with the unique material, which after being edited can become a great piece of writing?

This option, like many other perspectives, has a chance to exist and it’s up to us to decide whether we want to read genuine human creations or synthetic compositions, which are a result of reshuffling text components found online. Yes, that’s how it is. Until machines start to have a rich inner life and get a full understanding of what’s happening around them, all we can expect from AI entities are computer-generated texts, which result from a system of mathematical calculations and phrase compilations.

The discussion around the impact of AI on humankind will continue for as long as machines and human beings will exist. At the moment, all we can do is to decide by ourselves what we want from our collaboration. Our future is in our hands so let’s be careful with our endeavors to improve our life with the help of potentially dangerous Artificial Intelligence.