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Response Paper Writing: Challenges You Might Meet

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Unlike many other essays, a response paper is more difficult than it seems. At first sight, you have to retell what you have read somewhere, and that’s it. Generally speaking, it is partly true, but not just that. Let’s find out what challenges a student might meet writing a response paper.

A response paper is a college essay where an author expresses his impression of several texts he has read. Usually, it is an assignment for Literature classes, but it can also be given by science disciplines professors after students have read certain articles to understand whether they have understood it.

This kind of college paper is a great way to improve students’ analytical skills. It teaches to be objective and impartial. It allows students to look at the problem from a different angle.

If you are writing a response paper on many texts, you should understand and mention how these texts relate to one another, why they can be analyzed together, and if this approach is adequate. In these papers, students can write about questions that some paper has provoked for them and look for the answer by having self-discussion. It is a fantastic way to find some hidden senses and present your own opinion on the topic.

There is one crucial thing about writing a response paper. You have to plan not only enough time for writing it, but for digesting what you will write about, the book you have read, the article you were assigned to get familiar with. That’s why many students prefer to order it from an essay writing service, as professional writers have read the required book a while ago, and they can write a brilliant response paper right away.

If the paper is not deep, it is useless. Try to reflect on what you’ve read, and only then you can write. The opinion you share has to be your own, and it has to be unique and honest.

Questions to Ask When Writing a Response Paper on a Single Text

  1. What problem does the author describe? Why is it important for her, society, world in general? When did it occur, and what was done to solve it? Were the taken steps efficient?
  2. What is the major argument? What is the writer’s point? What thoughts does she want to provoke?
  3. Does the author suggest something? Do the suggestions seem logical? Would you join him in his project/research/investigation? Do you agree with the writer?
  4. What sectors of the text do you remember most vividly? What are the most weak parts?
  5. Have you thought about the counterarguments? What are they?

Questions to Ask When Writing a Response Paper on Multiple Text

  1. What are the interrelations? Do the writers’ opinions match? Would they fight if they met in person? Do they have too many or even contrary beliefs?
  2. How do the points from one text make the other text stronger? Or do they make each other more weak?
  3. Does reading each of the texts make the issue more approachable for you? Or did it make things even more difficult?

What To Do

  1. Write according to the requirements you have got. This way, your chances to get the most of such an assignment would be the highest.
  2. Be attentive to terms, definitions, assumptions. Make sure you understand everything clearly.
  3. Try to be as objective as you can. Analyze texts fairly.
  4. Present how you see the interrelation between texts. What did impress you the most—the similarity, the originality, or other things?
  5. Allow both sides to be heard. Describe all the points of view. Treat all of them respectfully.
  6. Make your own statement based on what you have read. Be precise and accurate.
  7. Write about the writers’ imperfection. It is normal to have weak arguments. Just show you’ve noticed it, and you are ready to come up with the stronger one.

What Not To Do

  1. Do not wait too long. Have time to digest what you have read, but start writing when the feelings are fresh and your arguments have a solid foundation.
  2. Do not talk about yourself. You are analyzing the papers, you talk about the writers’ and their approaches, not yours.
  3. Do not retell the texts. Respond. That’s why it is called a response paper. There has to be analysis involved. If you buy essay, friend with huge experience would definitely advise you to be familiar with the texts anyway. It is the key to an outstanding presentation of your ideas.

If something remains unclear to you, do not be afraid of asking questions. After all, a response paper is all about getting the right answers.