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STEM in America. Ranking the Best High Schools

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Best STEM schools in the United States

These statistics did not come out of anywhere – they were analyzed and processed by the educational committee of the United States. Finally, we can talk about the STEM schools and give tribute to the best of them, as we do annually. Our list is limited to public institutions only, as we believe in the future of the country and modern technologies. And now we will discuss STEM meaning, the best high school on STEM education in the USA.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. Students report that the workload is quite rigorous, and the effort you make to receive A’s is truly beyond imagination. However, Thomas Jefferson High School boasts a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere that helps you establish contact with your peers and teachers. A nice addition to the student routine!

Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science. This high school is known for its teamwork and friendly vibes that bring all the future learners together and encourage positive feedback. Though it does not have large classes, students have a chance to know each other better. Long school days enable teachers to cover the material properly, and there are ethnic minorities present as well.

One can argue about white learners prevailing, and, needless to say, they indeed present a larger part of the school, but anyone who ever visits Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science can confirm that Asians and Indians are also enrolled.

Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, & Engineering Technologies. The comments on this establishment have been arguable, as the competition level is high, and the peers have been reported to experience much stress while preparing for an exam.

We can’t say this is a bad choice for anyone, aspiring to become a tech specialist, though, as the all-nighters encourage students to keep going and enhance their academic level accordingly. Statistics show that the admission process is quite complicated, with the motivation letter meaning a lot to the committee, and the exams that have to be studied for. On the other hand, the high competition ratio deserves appreciation from the students that are keen on excellent results, and expect high schools to live up to that ambition.

Stuyvesant High School. This school has a reputation as an academic stronghold with highly determined students and an independent schedule. Though the workload is definitely hard to handle, the location of the school allows learners to gain knowledge on their own and make their decisions as they step into adult life. Annual conferences are held to build the team spirit of the group, and teachers participate alongside students, making encouraging speeches and announcements.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology. Here, all genders and races are present to create a perfect diversity, and professors are extremely tolerant towards ethnic minorities, and people of mixed color. However, the training and studying requirements are quite rigorous.

You have to finish your own scientific project and take part in a seminar, devoted to the development of modern technologies. Before graduation, they calculate your overall grades and junior college experience. Based on your achievements, you are given a diploma that indicates your current status and progress in five school units, including chemistry, physics, and AP biology.

The Early College at Guilford. This small community helps you establish precious connections with teachers and peers. They have classes on campus, which is an exciting experience for anyone, who loves to be among friends, and special training determined to give you motivation for further studies.

There are no cut-throat tactics and ambitious pursuits in Early College – your academic counselors will guide you through all hardships and hazards. The Early College at Guilford can be truly called an excellent preparatory school for its location, staff, and overall atmosphere of a private study club.