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An Art and Power of a Title For Writing an Essay

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A lot of students do underappreciate titles while writing an essay. Most of the time, it is literally the last thing everyone does while finishing an essay, but at the same time, it is exactly the first thing your professor or other reader notices. So yes, it appears to be a quite powerful instrument to catch the reader’s interest or at least to stand out for dozens of essays with similar and trivial captions. Moreover, titles help not only to meet the eye but highlight what this text is about. A right neat title will not only introduce a theme of an essay but may show to your prof the results of your investigations and reflections in a nutshell. A good title if it does not grab the attention of your professor at once, but will stop him from throwing it into the trash box.

An uneasy task

Nevertheless, many and many students still neglect using a fancy, well-aimed title. It happened due to various reasons. Some of them might be still unaware of how useful and beneficial it can be, and we really hope, that you no longer belong to this category. The others, meanwhile, might underused it on purpose. Yes, we should admit – writing a good and effective title seems not to be a very easy task. Despite the fact, that title is a short phrase, it might require a load of time and effort. Many students may feel a lack of time to spend on generating a caption or find themselves stuck in the process, which prompts them to use very simplified titles, like the name of the task at most. But still, there are some tips to manage this task, too.

Tips for creating an effective title

The first thing you should remember is that generating a title is not a lucky spontaneous moment, but the result of brainstorming and creative process. Since that, we propose you a list of several steps, which will help to stimulate a title writing process.

  • An infographic on How to write a better Title for an essay.Find out from the text a sentence that might be used as a title;
  • Compose a new sentence that might serve for labeling as well;
  • Write a couple of new ones using various types of interrogative words (e.g. What, When, Why, How, Do, etc.)
  • Find out in the essay some tangible image or/and mention some book, film, etc. which are close to your essay thematically or contextually.
  • Compose a title with the opposite meaning to the essay;
  • Combine two variants into one by putting a colon between them.