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Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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External environment plays a critical role in one’s lifestyle because an individual is influenced by the kind of activities that takes place around him or her. People lead different lifestyles depending on where they live hence making it vital to understand the situation that faces city dwellers. Being a student in the rural areas, I yearned to step in any city and have an experience of what takes place in such an environment.

With such desires in mind, I planned for a vacation in the summer to visit my relatives who lived in the North. The encounter made me understand the reasons that lead to some behaviors exhibited by individuals who live there. Appreciating diversity is an essential practice because people are shaped by their immediate environment that differs from one location to the other.

The Atmosphere

Unlike rural areas where noise pollution is controlled due to fewer vehicles and social amenities, the city presented a different scenario that could leave one wondering how the dwellers manage to survive. Noise from cars that move from morning throughout the night is unimaginable of how one can afford a sleep amidst such destructions. With such a level of interaction of heavy machines, witnessing clean air is a dream that cannot be realized by individuals who have made the city their permanent dwelling place. The water supply has been affected by the dust caused by moving cars hence posing a threat to the health of people who rely on such resources for survival. For one to access clean water, the person must invest heavily in purifying devices thus making it an expensive venture to purchase and maintain. Due to the difficult economic conditions in the city, people spend most of their time seeking job opportunities to enable them to meet their financial needs since they believe the city has numerous opportunities that can transform their status. Business is run up to late in the evening to cater for both employed and non-employed individuals since the timings are different. With such engagements, proper lighting is done by the relevant authorities to facilitate the movement at any given time.

Social Interaction

In rural areas, people are used to interacting with one another and share experiences as their daily routine. The case is different with the city because the residents originate from diversified backgrounds where a person does not know his or her neighbors. One has to own whatever is required since borrowing is not possible for people who are not familiar with one another. This kind of lifestyle portrays a situation where one can be hacked to death without the intervention of his or her immediate neighbors. It is a self-centered type of operation that cannot be managed in remote places where individuals are used to sharing property irrespective of their ownership. Collective responsibilities is a common practice in the village whereas nobody can dare bother to think about the same in the city because individuals are keen on making ends meet at the end of the day.


            The experience in the city transformed my perception regarding life and it is vital for one to appreciate humble experiences encountered in the rural areas than admiring city life that is full of challenges. Visiting the city played a critical role that will shape my decision-making practices in