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Speed up Your Creative Process and Write from Scratch

Date published: | John BlackSmith

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To be worth reading, you need to put a great effort into any essay writing. So, here is the question: «Is it even possible to write any novel with no outlines and second, third drafts?» Well, if you’ll read this article till the end, you won’t doubt this question anymore. If you hate editing and rewriting, there are useful tips in the next paragraphs. Warning: these tips might work for you but not for those who are only searching for reasons why they shouldn’t.

Write a Book in One-Eighth the Time You’ve Planned

  • Challenge the status quo.

Try to break the stereotypes. The way to progress lies in trying new approaches and styles. Break some plates in order to buy new and better ones. Be brave to withstand judgment, as no-one said that the new approach is always a good one.

  • Think like a reader, not like a writer.

The analytical writing ruins the one-draft process as we think with a conscious mind. This is a small part of our brain that does only the fifth part of our thinking process. Be on the readers’ side.

  • Looping, looping, and looping.

Try to use looping technology. Go back and re-read what you wrote, change the story as you go. Of course, you can re-write and edit the story while working through, but it’s definitely not a second draft though.

When you reach the place you stopped, just continue the story with a new breath. Write approximately 400-500 words and loop back around through the story. The next day, before you continue to write – try to loop back into the pages from the previous day. Maybe you would like to make a new twist in the story.

  • Outline as you write.

Do not forget that your brain is the most complicated and unknown organ. You can easily forget what you were passionately writing yesterday. Instead of outlining ahead of time, do it right after finishing a chapter. Write a few sentences about each chapter in your notebook to track the main information about the characters and story highlights.

Isn’t it easier to read through these pages instead of the actual book? It is indeed.

  • Is it ridiculous to read your own book only once? No, it is useful.

There is a thought that if we slow down and ask ourselves «what comes next?», – our analytical mind will be overwhelmed and start doubting our writing. Instead of reading your creation over and over again, try to save your time and use the looping technique.

What Does Single-Draft Novel Mean?

The mindset shift is hard. Sometimes, editing takes way more time than writing itself. When we are in the mood to write, we create flawless and great material. Tomorrow, however, we might lose our flow of creativity and constantly doubt and correct our yesterdays’ masterpiece.

We get better by writing more and more every day. We challenge you to use the looping method at least once. Start with 500 words a day. Don’t go crazy and try to write a whole novel on your first go. It is easier to start with smaller issues, like short stories. Patience is your friend. Be your own judge, question everything and remember: the old way isn’t the only way to follow.