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Writing Tips on How to Write a Best Man Wedding Speech

Date published: | Lisa Barlow

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Giving Unforgettable Wedding Toast: Recommendations and Tips

Certainly, it is absolutely normal to be afraid to talk and give a wedding toast in front of a large audience that may include people you see for the first time. However, if you are at the wedding party, you will not avoid giving a toast, especially if you are a close friend of a couple.

Your wedding toast should be short – just a couple of minutes long. So, keeping it short and sweet is the key to success. If you are struggling with the wedding writing, keep on reading to get more information.

Before You Start Writing a Wedding Toast

  1. The first thing you need to do brainstorm a little bit. It is better to do this in advance in order to prepare better for the wedding party. Brainstorm various anecdotes, stories, facts that you want to include in your toast. Jot them down not to forget. Think of what you want to say about the groom and bride, and them as a couple.
  2. Always try to keep your story short but sweet and personal. Certainly, a wedding toast can be funny or with some sentiments. It does not matter. The thing that counts is you’re being real and you speaking your mind. Remain yourself while giving a toast.
  3. Your toast should be about the couple. This day is their special event. Giving a toast is not just a chance to introduce yourself and show off. First, it is all about paying tribute to the couple. So, you need to refer only to them while giving a wedding toast.

How to Create a Worthy Wedding Toast

Keep it short

It should be no longer than three minutes. So, no time for being nervous – make sure you have included in your toast everything you wanted to say.

Practice a lot

In order to feel more comfortable and confident while giving a toast, practice it a few times before the wedding party. Just say it aloud for as many times as needed with proper intonation. You will certainly master your skills by doing so.

Be nice while talking

Remain positive and keep your toast enjoyable. Certainly, you can use some jokes. However, make sure they are appropriate and will offend neither the couple nor the guests.

Introduce yourself

If you cannot find the proper words to say, stick to the following formula: introduce yourself and tell how you are connected to the newlyweds, tell a short story about them, express your hopes for their marriage, add a quote about love and family. The last but not the least is to raise a glass for the couple.

Don’t drink too much before

In order to give a worthy and memorable toast, limit your alcohol intake. It may cause some difficulties with giving a toast and self-control. But, do not forget to take a glass of something when you are going to deliver a toast.

Be sincere

Sincere but appropriate and well-mannered. Speak from your heart including meaningful words that will surely make your wedding toast.

What is Needed to Give a Good Wedding Toast

  • Confidence
  • Clear voice
  • Glass of champagne
  • Attention from the audience
  • Smile
  • Sincerity